• Verklin: Yep, It's Still About Data
    Now that data is so "big" and all, let's check in with the guy who years ago made the provocative claim that "data is the new creative."
  • The Internet Of Things And The Data It Will Produce
    After pushing the limits of business, connectivity now reaches into consumer devices such as car systems. More than five billion wireless chip devices that connect to the Internet will ship in 2013, according to ABI Research.
  • You Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Data Flows
    A group within The Weather Channel is leveraging data way beyond ad targeting. Instead they are crafting new b2b data that can be used to inform everything from customer messaging to point of sale offers.
  • Brands Not Ready For Mobile Data
    Internet and mobile data will drive ad targeting for Verizon Wireless, though many brand marketers aren't ready to tackle the mounds of data generated from mobile campaigns. Earlier this month the wireless company began reaching out to consumers to participate in an initiative called Verizon Selects, an opt-in program that's part of the company's Precision Marketing portfolio collecting data from a variety of tasks, including search. Those who opt in get a coupon or some other type of reward.
  • 'Journeying' Toward Cross-Channel, One-To-One Targeting
    By marrying Polk's data for predicting auto buying intent at a granular level with publishers' first-party relationships with their users, Collider Media is trying to get closer to mobile's one-to-one marketing promise.
  • Zettabytes Of Data Could Prompt Partnerships
    Too many raw statistics overwhelm marketers -- but not enough means lost opportunities. Research firm IDC estimates the digital universe will account for 40 zettabytes (ZB) of data by 2020, according to the study "Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East," sponsored by EMC Corp.
  • Targeting The App Habit? Avoid Mondays
    Apps are rendering a unique data set for media and marketers. They let us see how intimately and intensely people can engage with our content if we create real conversations.
  • What Brands Think About DMPs
    Ad targeting, improving return on investment and centralizing data remain the top three reasons marketers use a data management platform (DMP), according to findings from Radar Research. The survey shows how quickly marketers and brands continue to adopt DMPs to better understand their audiences, drive detailed analytics and break down silos across media channels.
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