• BT's European IPO
    While BT networks in the U.S. continue to grow in order to bring greater scale to the technology, European online advertising is more fragmented. Targeting services provider WunderLoop licenses BT technology to some of the largest ISPs on the continent, including AOL Germany, FreeNet and T-Online. Its new plan for bringing the necessary scale to behavioral campaigns is not a network but a brokerage. WunderLoop Connect is a self-service exchange for publishers and advertisers crafting BT campaigns. Chairman Michael Kleindl explains how a BT stock exchange works.
  • Keeping BT in Context
    As curiosity and excitement about behavioral targeting continue to build, the natural temptation among publishers and networks is to sell it (and for advertisers to avidly buy it) at a high premium. This temptation, general manager of ValueClick Dave Yovanno explains, needs to be tempered by reality. The value of BT, he reminds us, needs to be judged in the context of how it relates to overall Web site or network optimization.
  • Recipe 4 Converting
    As we saw recently with ActiveAthlete, content verticals can access a depth of profiling information that typically eludes a larger BT network. SilverCarrot is an eight-year-old performance marketing company that uses robust content at lifestyle sites like Recipe4Living.com and 40 e-letters to capture 50,000 to 70,000 new registrants a day in the 25- to 5-year-old female segment. But as CEO Allan Levy explains, once you get a member into the system, your database engine can learn and respond to a stunning range of behaviors and responses to different stimuli.
  • Putting Demographics And Behavior In Context
    "Know thy customer" is or should be the mantra of any advertiser committed to longevity in the digital age. Unfortunately, all too often what advertisers THINK they know is based on static, quickly obsolescent models both of who customers are, and what their behavior says about who they are. Phil Kaplan, co-founder of AdBrite ad network, outlines how behavioral and demographic profiles can be dynamically related, to add currency and vital context to both.
  • For Your Consideration Set
    In the car branding world, it is all about getting into the consideration set, that handful of models a car shopper actively compares before purchasing. Endmunds.com got famous years ago by posting model invoice pricing online, and so it had a lucrative place among dealerships at the bottom of the decision funnel. President Jeremy Anwyl watches 12 million unique users pass through his 13-year-old auto information hub. He tells us how he wants to use behavioral data in different ways to shape campaigns, customize messaging and even show precisely how and where brand advertising impacts behavior.
  • Beyond Keywords: New Dimensions In Search Behavior
    The raw IQ power of search marketing has expanded exponentially over the past several years. Yet the goal of truly personalized targeting of search users cannot be based on algorithm alone, Brad Bostic, co-founder of next-generation search firm ChaCha argues. Instead, such targeting requires a new emphasis on the human side of the search interaction.
  • BT Takes A Vertical Climb
    While most behavioral targeting networks are trying to expand their scale, Active Athlete is also about deepening the passions. Founded by Tacoda veteran Robert Tas, Active Athlete Media, Inc. represents exclusively over 75 properties for athletes that are comprised of 80% user-generated content. Tas not only tags their passions but their passionate discussions about their passions. But how does a verticalized BT network of 7 million users handle issues of scale that plague networks with 20 times the audience? Tas, the company's president and CEO, explains.
  • It's the End-User, Stupid
    Like many other innovators before them, behavioral marketers risk becoming fixated on their own techniques, losing sight of the strategic vision, the end to which targeting is the means. In the conversation below, GoTo CEO Lee Hancock offers a reality check on the state of mobile targeting, reminding us that ultimately mobile content is all about the end-user experience.
  • Can Mobile Shift BT Into Reverse?
    Veterans of the BT space will recall Omar Tawakol as a fixture at digital ad conferences in the early 2000s. As the CMO for Revenue Science he was a perennial panelist explaining the technology and virtues of behavioral approaches. Now, as chief advertising officer at mobile search firm Medio, Omar is still pursuing the BT model but, "in reverse," he says. Medio powers various types of on-deck search for T-Mobile, Verizon, and Amp'd. The range and depth of data that mobile can deliver about consumers generally may be more valuable to marketers than the basic act of segmenting and ad …
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