• Truste's New Program Could Mean Big Changes For Behavioral Marketers
    In November, Web privacy watchdog Truste announced criteria for its latest effort, the Trusted Download Program, through which Truste will evaluate downloadable adware and trackware applications for certification. Behavioral Insider asked Truste's director of product development, Colin O'Malley, how Truste's certification programs could affect the behavioral marketing industry.
  • Pairing Behavioral Technologies With E-mail? Not Yet
    Al DiGuido, CEO of e-mail marketing technology provider Bigfoot Interactive, believes that before e-mail marketers can think about applying behavioral targeting technologies to their campaigns, they'll need to focus on employing the consumer data they already have more efficiently across multiple channels.
  • Q&A With A Star At Starlink
    As IP manager at media agency Starlink, Jaime Onorofski helps clients--including Starbucks, Suzuki and Thomasville--maneuver the ever-shifting interactive media terrain.
  • Profiting On Profiles
    If you're an online publisher, and you're not considering or already selling the profile information of your visitors, you may be missing out on a potentially lucrative revenue stream that could greatly benefit your bottom line.
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