• The Meaning Detectives: Behavioral Heats Up Offline
    Way beyond the clickstream analysis and user tracking that informs online BT methods, there is a larger and much older realm of consumer behavioral research that has become the new hot zone in brand and product marketing....
  • Targeting The Small Screen
    With 160 million Internet-enabled cell phones already in circulation today, the small screen is clearly ready for prime-time advertising. One of the biggest hurdles advertisers have faced till now, however, has been how to effectively target and deliver ads to that huge audience. Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen Media, explains how the age of targeting is finally dawning for mobile.
  • MySpace + NPR + BT = Gather.com
    It was just a matter of time before the new wave of social networks realized they were sitting on a trove of user habits and profiles ripe for behavioral targeting.
  • BT: Leveling the Playing Field?
    Is behavioral targeting a "disruptive technology," one that dramatically change the online advertising status quo? Or is it an innovation whose basic impact will be to make the powers-that-be simply more powerful?
  • Laser-Target the Creative; Micro-Measure Your Results
    As many agencies continue merely to dabble and test, test and dabble in behavioral targeting, others are amassing case studies and moving to the next level of BT campaigning.
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