• Moments, Media and Modes: Devices Offer A Big Do-Over
    Don't define the post-PC era as merely "always on" or multii-screen." The early data suggests people really are engaging with media on devices at significantly different times, in various modes, and at much higher levels of involvement. Now, it's really personal.
  • IDG TechNetwork Builds Marketing Platform From Big Data
    The need for healthy data seems to bring out the most unlikely sources for online marketers. IDG TechNetwork will announce plans this week to support marketers through a product that taps audience segment. The system, dubbed TechSignals, supports the idea that lots of data informs and improves decisions made by marketers to optimize campaigns in real time by identifying and anticipating purchase intent. In more than 25,000 data segments, it integrates 50 years of research from both IDC and IDG.
  • Sweet and Creepy: When Candy Bars Stalk You
    I went to the UK last week thinking this was a land where digital privacy was taken oh so much more seriously. Actually, they have chocolate bars that will track you --and marketing teams poised to hunt you down in real time and real space.
  • AddThis Button Brings Offline Data Online To Help Brands Target Ads
    That little AddThis button publishers affix to content that gives marketers share counts turned into a massive data collection tool. On Wednesday the company will announce the launch of Purchase Graph, a data set aimed at improving the ability to identify and target Web audiences during the purchase cycle.
  • iPhone's New OS Lets Users Opt-Out Of Ad Tracking -- We Think
    A new toggle shows up in Apple's iOS 6 that pertains to user control over ad tracking. But precisely what that seeming "opt-out" affects is still unclear as Apple introduces a new privacy-sensitive method of user tracking.
  • Study Identifies Link Between Big Data, Financial Profit
    Companies that process and use data correctly typically generate a stronger financial performance, according to a recent study. Some 46% of executives from companies that significantly outperform their peers financially admit they have a well-defined data strategy, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit report "Big Data: Lessons From the Leaders.".
  • Showrooming Is More About Confidence Than Comparison
    A new consumer behavior has emerged, using smartphones in store aisles. But research suggests that "showrooming" is a more complicated activity that requires retailers to target customers as much with data as with deals.
  • DoubleVerify Inks Deal With Compete, Works At Solving 'Ad Collision'
    DoubleVerify will soon announce a deal that integrates its viewability measurement with Kantar Media Compete's panel data at the user level without tapping into personal identifiable information (PII), according to Mark Pearlstein, senior VP of DoubleVerify, which provides online advertising verification.
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