• Fake Clicks To Cost Marketers $11.6 Billion
    It's a little unsettling to read that marketers expect to waste $11.6 billion in advertising budgets this year due to bots, up 22% from 2013, according to the Solve Media survey findings released Tuesday. Fake traffic costs advertisers big bucks.
  • Mobilizing A People's Army Of Data Feeds
    The Rewardable app crowd-sources retail audits by rewarding shoppers for reporting on products in stores. But the company is also seeing it as a marketing platform where brands can engage some of the most influential and dedicated shoppers.
  • How BlueKai Will Help POPSUGAR Find Its Audience
    BlueKai will announce Wednesday a business deal with digital media and commerce company POPSUGAR, but the crux of the partnership points to more publishers finding ways through data management platforms (DMP) that help target ads more accurately to audiences across multiple screens. Some might think it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  • Starbucks And Managing The Security Gotcha
    Last week's minor revelation that Starbucks' mobile app was storing personal information in plain text on devices is bound to become commonplace. Any brand that tracks behaviors or even stores a password is a data steward now.
  • Why Trust Someone Else To Protect Your Data?
    I've become fascinated with comments across the Web left behind by advertising folks insisting the industry follow Do Not Track protocols. These days there are a ton of data breaches to analyze. None are acceptable, yet the numbers keep rising.
  • Consumers Say, Show Us The Personalized Value, We Will Show You Our Personal Data
    A new IBM study shows considerable increases in the number of consumers willing to share personal data with retailers. But they expect to get personalized service in return. Easier said than done.
  • Wolfram's Project Catalogs All Electronics Data
    Can you imagine how hard it will be to curate data from every device that makes up the Internet of things? Wolfram Research, a division of the computational search engine, Wolfram/Alpha, took on the project. When complete, it will allow the company to store and use data from all Internet-connected devices.
  • Targeting Taste: The Emerging Science Of Preference Profiling
    Pandora is experimenting with ad targeting that uses some of the same technology the Internet radio company already uses to personalize music.
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