• Study: Gap Found Between Customer Expectations And Reality
    According to a Talend study released Wednesday, 63% of respondents said using data to better understand customers is a top business priority for 2017, with 80% of companies ranking it at an eight or above on a 10-point scale,
  • Oracle's Aggressive Move Into TV Based On Data Targeting History
    This week Oracle also entered into a partnership with Charter Communications that will allow brands to target connected TV audiences.
  • Gen Zers Are Savvy Ad Blockers
    Those born during the Gen Z generation have no problem with letting an ad run its course. They don't need ad-blocking software or technology. They simply divert their attention or turn down the volume on a video or streaming radio ad and return to the content when complete.
  • Build America Mutual Finds Ad Data Identifying Niche Audience
    Financial advisors managing municipal bond investments for their clients have become an important audience for Build America Mutual, but efficiently targeting them has become a challenge.
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