• Microsoft, Oracle Mend Fences In The Cloud
    Microsoft and Oracle announced a partnership Monday allowing some of Oracle's software to work more closely with Microsoft's. The deal aims to help clients embrace cloud computing, by allowing Microsoft Windows Azure cloud-computing service to run Oracle's database software, Java programming tools and application-connecting middleware.
  • De-Manufacturing The Brand
    Big Data and real-time marketing channels, ironically, may force companies to face their own humanity and think harder about what it means to relate to people.
  • Brand Etiquette For Digital Identities
    Consumers want to know that brands value customer preferences and behavioral data by treating the information with respect. Etiquette will become more important this year, according to research released Tuesday. It's become a way to create trusted customer relationships.
  • Americans Knew their Privacy Was Shot Even Before the NSA News
    Americans appear to be of two minds about the use of their data by institutions both public and private. But a generational divide over these issues is unmistakable.
  • Mobile Attribution, Video Stars Rising
    Both social and mobile have a strong following, but Siemer & Associates, an early-stage investor in advertising and media startups in Los Angeles, identifies several emerging related trends, subsets of the smartphone and the tablet markets.
  • What Do Marketers Want from Big Data Anyway?
    Business leaders complain that big data is prohibitively complex and costly. But at the same time using these tools to improve customer experiences does not seem an overwhelming priority either.
  • A Bullseye Requires Accurate Data
    Ad targeting requires accurate data. Have you heard of Enliken? The company's business model aims to show people the data advertisers sell about them online. The site offers a survey of more than 50 data points. In my case, the survey gathered data from about nine data tracking companies.
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