• Mobile App Privacy Needs To Grow Up And Shrink Down
    The Mobile Marketing Association this week issued guidelines for app designers crafting privacy policies. This is sorely needed, but it only begins to address the larger issue of managing privacy issues on mobile. Many of the major mobile publishers have started including privacy policies in their apps of one sort or another. Nevertheless, the key challenge before everyone now is making the privacy policy relevant and usable by the mobile customer.
  • Salesforce's Data.com Looks To Expand Internationally
    Data.com, a Salesforce.com company, will expand into Europe supported by an agreement announced Wednesday to make Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) data available to customers, Tricia Gellman, senior director of product marketing at Data.com, told MediaPost.
  • Thank You So Much For Tracking Me Relentlessly
    Whenever digital advertising decides it is time to explain behavioral targeting and walk people through the opt-out process, I usually pop a few coffees first. I know there is a tough slog ahead. Consider Google's tortured, multi-tiered "Ads Preferences" site. Because of the extensiveness of the Google reach, it has to parse its explanations into search and Gmail targeting vs. Web targeting. Each category gets its own comfy-cozy we're-not- really-following-you videos and separate opt-out mechanisms.
  • Digesting 'Big Data' Shouldn't Produce Heartburn
    Globally, businesses created 1.8 zettabytes of data in 2011, according to research firm IDC. Data gives marketers the ability to better understand the relationship between brands and human behavior, but many just can't fathom the enormity of the bits and bytes generated from emerging online media. Two white papers published this month try to put the concept into context.
  • Online Shoppers Check Out Holiday Retailer Performance
    We know that American consumers shopped and bought online this holiday season in record numbers. But what did they think of the experience of gathering product information, evaluating alternatives and tapping that buy button? Personalization provider Baynote went straight to the consumers in a poll of over 1,000 online shoppers between Cyber Monday in late November and Christmas Eve to see how they said they were using and experiencing e-commerce, retailer sites, and tablets and mobile devices.
  • GENWI Combines Backend Data, Mobile Platform For Publishers
    Mobile media should not adopt the inefficiencies of Web publishing,says PJ Gurumohan, CEO at GENWI, a cloud-based publishing platform for mobile devices. But there are hundreds of devices today that require a variety of file structures. And what happens when publishers have 20 versions and need to make a small change to an ad or content?
  • The iPad Made Me Skinny: Apps 'Change' Behavior
    When it comes to technology and change, I am a skeptic and fairly conservative. I tend to disbelieve that technologies have a direct effect on habits and behaviors. I see something closer to a dialectic between technology and society. Gadgetry does not fall out of the sky and compel people to change their habits. The technology itself is invented in a given context where unmet needs and desires (you might call them "behaviors waiting to happen") inform the tools we create in the first place. We then interact with the technology, often take it in directions no one anticipated, and …
  • Google And Others Invest In Israeli Companies
    Semantic targeting ad company Peer39 has raised $2.5 million in venture capital funding from Evergreen Venture Partners, Canaan Partners and Dawntreaders Venture, reports Globes, the Israel business news publication. The funding contributes to the $30 million raised to date.
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