• How The Weather Channel Moves Streaming To Next Generation Of Data TV
    Although devastation caused by the "superstorm" Sandy put data and technology to the test Monday and Tuesday, The Weather Channel took the opportunity to move the traditional broadcast model online. Not with video clips, but around-the-clock, live-streaming, YouTube coverage of storm-related events.
  • Fumbling Toward A Second-Screen Connection
    Living-room behavior is changing. But programmers shouldn't expect it to be easy corralling distracted second screeners. We call it "personal" media for a reason.
  • Big Data Creates Jobs
    Gartner predicts that in the next three years about 10 organizations will each spend more than $1 billion on social media. That's one stat in many Gartner attributes to the mounds of data companies will collect from a global economy on the Internet. The research firm estimates that by 2015, Big Data will have created 4.4 million IT jobs worldwide, and about 1.9 million IT jobs in the United States.
  • Point-Of-Gaze: Tracking The Shoppers' Eyes
    In a cool new use of eye-gaze behavioral tracking, two companies are partnering to reveal how shoppers actually see the in-store experience. Oh, but wait until you see the how shoppers will be armed with their own digital tool set.
  • Telenav Acquires Hyper-Local Mobile Ad Targeting Co
    Brands now have the ability target ads through a Telenav platform on iPhones or smartphones running the Android operating system when consumers come within 300 feet of brick and mortar locations. The technology comes from ThinkNear, a privately held hyper-local mobile advertising company in Los Angeles Telenav acquired for $22.5 million in cash and stock.
  • We Know What You Watched -- And Tweeted -- Last Summer
    A new "historical intent targeting" tool from LocalResponse raises the interesting question about where a marketer best locates consumer intent chronologically. In some cases, your behavior last year is more telling than what you did last week.
  • Big Data, Small Storage
    Bits and bytes feed predictive data models gathered from Web behavior, grocery store purchases, television viewership, demographic information and a host of other sources. Google and Microsoft, along with help from Nielsen, Hitwise and others have figured out ways to link that data from point-of-sale terminals in stores to televisions, computers and mobile devices.
  • Show Notes: The Machine In Don Draper's Garden
    As automation rapidly dominates online advertising, people in the industry have begun a very American process of reflecting on the shape of human agency moving forward.
  • Facebook No. 69 On Interbrand 2012 Best Global Brand Study
    Facebook remains at odds with investors as the stock price falters from its IPO highs, but overall Facebook remains in favor with many site members. In fact, this year the social network enters The Interbrand 2012 Best Global Brand report at No. 69. And in the pockets of advertisers, improving Facebook ads effectiveness could raise the value of the brand even more.
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