• Q&A: Legal Behavior
    Cyber-lawyer Eric Goldman says there's a hornet's nest of laws that could be brought to bear on the practice of behavioral targeting if marketers don't take action. For this two-part Q&A, Behavioral Insider talked at length with Goldman about privacy issues, the implications of recent legislation for behavioral targeting, and how marketers can better cope with the sometimes long arm of the law.
  • Q&A: Pushing Behavioral to Its Full Potential
    Don't be shortsighted about behavioral targeting, says Paul Lewis, senior vice president of sales and marketing at the interactive agency MindComet. Rather than using behavioral technologies to improve return on investment for a single campaign, he'd like to see more advertisers build better relationships between customers and their brands by taking full advantage of information gathered through the behavioral marketing process.
  • Q&A: What Does Behavioral Mean To B-to-B Advertisers?
    VisionEdge Marketing's b-to-b clients include 3M Electronics Products Division, Adobe and Cirrus Logic. The firm's founder and president, Laura Patterson, says that although the companies she works with are beginning to embrace technologies for CRM and database integration, it's up to behavioral targeting tech providers to court b-to-b advertisers and help them recognize the value of behavioral targeting for their online marketing efforts. Behavioral Insider chatted with Patterson about what behavioral segmentation and targeting means to her b-to-b customers.
  • Q&A: Behavioral And Beyond
    In his work for clients such as AT&T, Holiday Inn, Schering-Plough, Levi Strauss and Sun Microsystems, Target Marketing's Jim Sterne often recommends behavioral targeting. In fact, the Internet marketing strategy consultant believes that true behavioral targeting goes well beyond advertising. Behavioral Insider spoke with Sterne, who's never short on opinions.
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