• Advertisers Must Learn How To Use Data
    The future of brand advertising and targeting resides in data, but too many companies still struggle with learning how to use it. That topic hung like fog over Advertising Week in New York, according to some executives Data and Targeting Insider spoke with.
  • Mobile Moves IPS Up The Shiny Object Tech Ladder
    Location services continue to grow in popularity, and with it the deployment of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS). While research firm Markets and Markets estimate the sector to reach $4.4 billion by 2019, there are challenges.
  • Q&A With 'Data Junkie, SocialCode's Todd Parsons
    Todd Parsons joined SocialCode as chief product officer less than two months ago. The self-proclaimed "data junkie" likes to analyze zetabytes of data -- but more importantly it's about how the data get used by brands to connect with consumers.
  • Telmar, USA Touchpoint Help Marketers Boost Targeting Reach
    Marketers can now calculate reach and frequency against a database of how people spend their time on activities and with media for all measured channels from TV and radio to mobile, gaming, social media, and search.
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