• Less Than One In 10 Gamers Block Arkadium-Targeted Ads In U.S.
    Fixing the ad-blocking crisis is proving more difficult than previously thought, especially for the gaming industry that serves free games with targeted ads on publisher sites.
  • Police Calculate Threat Levels Based On Social Media
    Police departments around the country are using high-powered analytics software to comb social media and calculate threat levels for individual suspects before they are arrested.
  • Anti-Trump Camp Targets Provocative Ads On Facebook, Instagram To Mormons
    The latest anti-Donald Trump conservative super PAC Make America Awesome campaign tried to sway Utah voters in advance of the state's caucuses on Tuesday by targeting a series of Facebook ads to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints voters.
  • Would Ad Tech Be Better Without The Vendors?
    Marketers are often seen as not "getting" the latest tech. Perhaps some vendors should be looking at themselves instead.
  • Gfk MRI Builds Political Ad Targeting Data Segments
    GfK MRI has partnered with data management platforms (DMPs) to launch 23 online advertising targets that bring actionable insights to political ad campaigns.
  • Responsible Measurement: Protect Your Customers And Your Brand
    Marketers don't want their brand to be the first that comes to mind when consumers think of "those companies that follow me around the Internet." Fortunately, there are several steps that marketers can take to demonstrate responsible measurement.
  • Horizon Becomes Blab's First Agency Partner To Build 'Conversation Segments'
    Horizon Media became Blab's first agency partner to use the predictive company's data segments to build real-time conversation-based targeting as part of its programmatic offering, the companies said Wednesday.
  • How Data From Real-Time Streaming Video Fuels Media Campaigns
    Live-streaming video provides a way to interact with consumers in real time and use that data to fuel other types of media campaigns -- but barriers like budget and available staff and resources still stand in the way.