• Hey, Come Back Here! Can't We Be Friends?
    Getting the creative right has always been a problem in behavioral targeting. Once you parse that audience down to the truly interested users, serving all of those segments messages that really match their interests or their stage in the purchase process is costly. Dynamically served creative is one answer, especially if you can target that user by the kinds of items they may have shopped for or even the weather in their area of the country. But there are a lot of different possible ways to work with a segmented audience, not just sell them the goods right away. With …
  • White House Creates Privacy And Internet Policy Committee
    An interesting post by Cameron Kerry and Christopher Schroeder on the White House blog describes the formation of a new advisory panel that will create a policy framework for the collection and use of personal information on the Internet.
  • Video Gets Specific: Vanderhook On Buying BBE
    As Mediapost's AdNets conference returns to New York on Nov. 2, it will mark about two years since we started this show to cover what was then the "400 ad networks cluttering the market," or so many said. Even then the conventional wisdom stated there would be a great and necessary consolidation of these many vertical, horizontal, platform-specific nets and the many targeting and data technologies mushrooming up around them. Well, here we are two years later, with hundreds of players still standing and little evidence that the market is going to consolidate soon. But this week did bring a …
  • Behavioral Targeting And The Privacy Dilemma
    Data management has become painful for the online advertising industry. While the technology exists to improve consumer experiences, the dilemma becomes how to use it without causing a leak or breaking the rules. <
  • What Do You Want to Watch Next?
    Predicting what site visitors might want to read next most often is done by semantic or contextual analysis of the content they are reading now. A recommendation engine can pull from a page its topic and related categories, or even use the aggregated predilections of previous users who read that or similar articles. When it comes to video recommendations, things get a little trickier.
  • Vegas.com's Mobile Strategy Will Include Behavioral Targeting
    Vegas.com is on a path to deploy opt-in behavioral targeting technology to support Las Vegas casinos.
  • Mobile Behavior Still Culturally Specific
    The old saw about mobile media is that the U.S. is "behind" Asian and European markets in the evolution of consumer usage patterns and marketing models. I am not entirely convinced that really is the case. Even as the technologies approach parity across the three major markets, we see significant variance in usage.
  • Should Behavioral Targeting Be Opt-In?
    Privacy clearly went from a topic ignored by most to a word on many consumers' lips. The industry's self-regulation steps taken Monday provide a sign online advertisers will eventually have a structure for their privacy efforts.
  • Can Publishers Plug Their Data Leaks?
    All year I have been hearing advertisers, ad networks and data providers urge publishers to get into the data game. As demand-side platforms challenge the traditional models of selling against context, the creators of that content are being told to pay closer attention to audience and leverage the user-centric data that is becoming the coin of the realm. After all, publishers may as well take control of the data their sites and audience produce -- because in many instances the data providers and ad networks with whom they partner already are.
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