• Consumer Identity Data Becomes Big Business
    In 2017, more companies will clean up their CRM databases to verify contact lists, and there will be a significant uptick in the use of customer identity data management as social sites, portals, search engines and publishers deny agencies and advertisers the right to information based on consumer privacy concerns. At least in Infutor's world.
  • The Coming Of Insights Automation
    There is a movement across the advertising industry to build out a type of machine learning artificial intelligence that can look at key performance indicators within a large set of data and understand the key drivers moving KPIs either up or down.
  • How White Ops Foiled Russian Hackers Stealing $5M In Ad Revenue Daily
    Remember the Russian group running U.S. and Netherlands data centers that generated between $3 million to $5 million per day? Advertisers need to become more in tune with this type of cybercrime to prevent it from happening again.
  • Elite SEM Builds Data Analysis For Brands In 2017
    Elite SEM plans to build support for brands looking to better understand the data they collect through their own and partner systems. Most clients have their own data teams to collect information, but analysis on how to best use that data will come from partners.
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