• Culture Matters Even More In A Multiscreen World
    In a multiscreen world, "context" takes on a whole new meaning. Now it is something closer to behavior -- indicating a user's mood and mode.
  • Marketers Need To Master Verbal Messaging
    Marketers whose jobs entail targeting ads and collecting consumer data must have some interesting conversations at non-industry events where small talk drifts toward work. These masters of messages do well when conveying a brand's focus online, but do they reach for the correct words in causal conversations to convert the listener?
  • Is There An App For This? Congress Asks Disclosure From 34 iOS Publishers
    Congress wants 34 iOS app developers to disclose what data they are collecting from devices and why. This line of questioning could eventually lead to publishers being much more honest and disciplined about tying data collection to beneficial services.
  • How To Find New Customers Through Audience Ad Targeting
    Online consumer behavior continues to get more complicated as consumers spend more time online. Technology promised to make it easier, but some would argue to the contrary. Experian Hitwise, the online measurement service from Experian Marketing Services, hopes to close that gap with the launch of audience targeting tool AudienceView.
  • Behavior Modification: The Mobile Edition
    History shows that attaching the term "behavioral" to just about anything is not going to turn out well. The original behaviorist made this mistake and got banished to the ad world.
  • What To Do With All That Data?
    Marketers agree customer data drives marketing decisions. Good thing because advertisers continue to collect mounds of it from mobile, search, social media and more. The problem remains marketers fail to use it properly, according to a recent study.
  • A New Behavior: News Readers Willing To Pay?
    The paid content platform Press+ defends the potential for subscription revenue against a recent and discouraging Pew study on the gap between print and digital ad sales for the segment. It says people do and will pay for content they regularly use.
  • Enterprise DMP Will Require Companies To Merge Data Silos
    Real-time optimization and ad technologies that pull information from databases to serve up advertisements or trigger events like text messages will require companies to rethink IT infrastructures.
  • Google, Don't Just Track -- Lead
    In all of the controversy surrounding Google's new unified privacy policy this week, did Big G even bother offering us a vision of what rich user profiling could do to serve consumers in new and better ways? This is the industry leader?
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