• Political Views Linked To Consumer Purchase Behavior
    The Rocket Fuel Research Team examined political preferences of 2,832 registered voters in five swing states on these issues that will shape election cycles to help advertisers connect with consumers around topics that will likely change their behavior.
  • Study: Web Site Performance Critical To Customer Experience
    How long a user will wait for a Web site to load has a measurable impact on an organization's brand, according to Limelight Network's second annual The State of the User Experience survey. In 2014, 37% of respondents said they would leave a Web site to buy a product from a competitor if that Web site failed to load quickly. In 2015, that number fell to 34%.Still, if the Web site loaded too slowly, 18.77% said they're not sure they would give it another try in the future, whereas 9.09% said no.
  • A Mass Medium Without Mass Media: Live TV Losing Default Status
    Live TV is no longer the default experience for an emerging generation of viewers. The TV is quickly becoming just another monitor now,
  • Creating A Customer Experience Cloud
    Since data lives in numerous databases such as sales, service, and marketing, it's difficult to unite all and recognize the data in each as a set of records belonging to one person. In The Customer Experience Cloud report released Wednesday, Omar Akhtar, managing editor at Altimeter, a Prophet company, and Charlene Li, Altimeter principal analyst, refer to this concept as the customer experience cloud, which brings together all customer experiences across a company's departments.
  • Give Marketers A Break: Not All Metrics Have To Be Units Sold
    Marketers get a hard time for metrics not always reflecting hard sales, but such figures do serve as measuring points on the road to conversion.
  • Red-State Algorithm Vs. Blue-State Algorithm
    The next great battleground over media bias may be the search engine. Are your search results fair and balanced? How would you know if they weren't?
  • Algorithms In A Post-App World
    Gartner analysts shared their vision for the future of technology this week in Orlando at the research firm's Symposium/ITxpo. They described a world where information gets pushed to consumers, rather than pulling in information through searches or actions, and cloud services become more in demand.
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