• Reflecting On OMMA DDM: Data Big And Messy
    A number of panelists at last week's OMMA DDM mocked marketers who understand data-driven marketing only superficially. Too many people still think it is a fix unto itself rather than a tool that needs to be assigned for specific tasks.
  • Time Equals Usage Data For Mobile Phones
    I'm pretty sure on the weekend I average more than 58 minutes daily on my smartphone. New data from Experian Marketing Services estimates the average American adult "clocks" nearly an hour each day on their device. I spend less time during the week because I'm sitting directly in front of a laptop and a big screen all day long. As people spend more time on mobile devices, the more data third-party companies and brands will collect.
  • How IBM Commercializes Watson Post-'Jeopardy'
    Remember Watson, the artificial intelligence software IBM created to compete on the "Jeopardy" game show? IBM on Tuesday released Watson Engagement Advisor, which will support consumer call centers.
  • Twitter Acquires Data-Focused Companies For Real-Time Analytics
    Twitter's focus continues to turn toward real-time marketing and the data that backs the transitions. The company acquired Lucky Sort for its technology that supports text analysis, and data mining and visualization in real time. Noah Pepper, Lucky Sort CEO and founder, announced the move in a blog post and tweet. He explains that a few employees will join Twitter's revenue engineering department, moving to San Francisco to @jointheflock.
  • Data Mining 'Pee-Pee:' Selling Mastery In The Age Of Personal Analytics
    A 'pee sensor' for your kid's diaper? When you are done chuckling, consider the richer and marvelous potential of companies developing data tools that give consumers greater mastery over their own lives.
  • The High Price of Bad Targeting And Data Complacency
    Consumers are a lot less happy with customer service both online and offline than companies like to think. And as we all get savvier about what data can do, consumers will expect companies to use this information to make our lives easier.
  • 'Always Above The Fold': Audio Joins The RTB Ranks
    Audio RTB is here as one company slips biddable spots into the internet radio stream. Unlike display, audio ads are hard to ignore, and RTB offers spot buyers a level of targeting new to radio.
  • The Doggy Dog World Of Data, Coupons
    I take my soft-coated wheaten terrier to a veterinarian that provides a percentage off one service per month with a coupon available to print from its Web site. The office requires a printed coupon, but I have asked them to create a digital alternative. For some reason I can't get them to think like the 414 manufacturers who distributed 14% more digital coupons on Web sites in Q1 2013, compared with the year-ago quarter, according to Marx, a Kantar Media solution.
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