• Study: Device Interaction Requires Marketers To Rethink Ad Serving
    Do you reach for your smartphone with your eyes barely open, while still in bed? Behavior plays a major role when it comes to when, where, and from what type of device consumers access the Internet. About 47% of U.S. consumers access the Internet at least weekly from a smartphone, according to a Forrester Research study titled "Build Seamless Experiences Now." Some 68% use the phone while in a car, 64% in the living room, 63% in a restaurant, 61% in a bedroom, 51% in the kitchen, 50% in the bathroom, 45% on public transit, and 31% in a home …
  • My Data, Myself
    Personal data analytics is a fascinating counterpoint to the tag, track and target ethos of commercial data "collection." Here we see creative individuals leveraging digital technology to gain self-awareness and personal insight through data that is at once "small" but of utmost relevance to them.
  • Brands Mine For Socially Acceptable Data
    Awareness, customer satisfaction, share of voice, and lead generation are the top four social business performance metrics that companies seek from social networks, according to a recent survey. Companies with more than 10,000 employees, however, are likely to consider customer satisfaction the No. 1 metric.
  • Who Do You Trust Most With Your Mobile Data? Apparently, Apple And The Government
    When it comes to protecting your mobile data, Apple is deemed the most trustworthy entity by consumers in a new survey. But overall, consumers say that privacy concerns influence their decisions about sharing different kinds of personal data in apps.
  • Google To Build Online Education Platform With MIT, Harvard
    Google formed a partnership with EdX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative, to jointly develop the edX open source learning platform dubbed MOOC.org (shorthand for massive open online courses). This new site for online learning will provide a platform for colleges, universities, businesses and individuals around the world to built and host high-quality online and blended courses.
  • It's Complicated: Cross-Platform Behaviors Emerge
    A new study of cross-screen media consumption shows just how profoundly device use has complicated things for media planners in just three years. Usage is fragmenting across multiple axes at once: demo, day part, screen, and content type.
  • Where The Next Ad-Targeting Technology Might Come From
    Even the best platforms demonstrate limits when it comes to identifying and addressing one target audience on one device, let alone reaching the same user across multiple platforms, according to Forrester Research Analysts.
  • Networking the Natives
    Content marketing is meeting up with the massive distribution mechanisms, targeting and optimization technologies of programmatic advertising. Forget about defining "native" advertising. Now we have to wonder what "content" means anymore.
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