• Data Suggests Bing More Efficient For Small Businesses
    It cost less for small businesses to advertise on Bing, compared with Google, per a recent study. In fact, the findings suggest the average search marketing cost per click (CPC) of $1.10 on Bing undercuts the $2.40 on Google AdWords.
  • Data Anxiety, 'Anemic' Carrier Support Lower NFC M-Payments Forecast
    The holy grail of using mobile phones to close the data loop with in-store payments continues to seem as elusive as, well, the Holy Grail itself. In a downward revision of its forecast for NFC m-payments, Strategy Analytics cites market fragmentation and long-promised but unrealized product rollouts.
  • Mounds Of Data Failing To Improve Customer Service
    Poor customer service sends consumers packing from one brand to another, despite all the data marketers collect to learn more about potential and existing customers. This year, U.S. companies failed to improve customer satisfaction in a meaningful way. Accenture calls the trend the Switching Economy that represents between 10% and 15% of the total annual disposable income in most mature markets, and about between 20% and 25% in emerging ones.
  • Mobile Is Different, (Duh) Smaller: But Size Has Many Implications
    The most obvious difference between Web and device screens -- size -- is also the most complicated. This difference leads to some counterintuitive implications for how best to market to people on devices.
  • Late-Day Promotions Produce Better Online Conversion Rate
    Timing is everything. Hitting the target means knowing the perfect time to reach the consumer with the most relevant message. I'll get email promotions and read them first thing in the morning before starting work, but I take no action. By the end of my day, I've completely forgotten about the sale. Apparently others follow the same path to purchase, according to recent stats.
  • Mobile Carriers May Be The Quiet Giants Of Digital Data
    Wireless carriers may finally wake up to their potential role in this new data-driven media marketplace. But are they really ready to become media companies? Of course, in a world where Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter deem to be the superpowers of digital data, what is a "media company" anymore?
  • What's M-Commerce Worth This Holiday Season?
    As the online advertising industry heads into the holiday season it will become interesting to see how much consumers spend through mobile ecommerce sites, and how much data they will part with while doing so.
  • Facebook Joins the Data Land Grab At Retail
    Facebook and Cisco are helping retailers bring free WiFi access to bricks and mortar visitors in a new deal. Users get an easier path onto the data highway with a Facebook login, while Facebook and the merchant could get social reach and data in return.
  • Social Matures To Support Ad Targeting
    Aditive, which supplies social data, recently became a launch partner for Acxiom, an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company to provide apps for new Audience Operating System (AOS) from Acxiom.
  • FDA Gives Guidance to Health Tracker, Behavior Mod Apps
    The Food and Drug Administration has issued general guidelines about the kinds of mobile apps it does and does not intend to regulate. As mobility brings technology into a more intimate relationship with consumers, marketers have both greater opportunity and responsibility.
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