• Can Old Media Dogs Learn New Intent-Driven Publishing Tricks?
    Publishers complain "content farms" deliver mediocre content that is so well optimized for search, it crowds out the quality. Why don't they utilize their own archived online content to feed the search economy?
  • [x+1] Unveils Real-Time Bidding Platform For All Ad Inventory
    Making sure the correct ad serves up at the perfect time across ad networks has never been easy, but doing so across real-time bid (RTB) platforms in milliseconds, as well as non-RTB environments, gets even trickier. But [x+1] CEO John Nardone says the company has figured out a way to make it work.
  • Every Click You Take, Every Move You Make: Analytics Gone Wild
    Did you ever sit a friend down in front of your or your client's Web site and just watch how they interact with it? From mouse movements to the way they scroll, to the pauses between actions, every move you make on a Web page should tell publishers something about the effectiveness of their intended message. But what if it could be done on the cheap and on-the-fly, and tied to a dashboard that let you aggregate and filter a large number of interactions so you could visually view what they do? This is what fascinated me about ClickTale, an …
  • Ex-Googler Targets Social Behavior
    Media6Degrees relies on social data to target ads to consumers online. Don't call this "behavioral targeting," says Ex-Googler and Media6Degrees CEO Tom Phillips. "It's a loaded word, and that's not what we do. Behavioral refers to observing specific behavior of particular browsers generally not identified beyond browser IDs. Trying to track that behavior is a fool's errand."
  • Charting The Social Graph With Great Care
    As most of us expected, consumer, regulatory and legislative concern over privacy only heightened this year. In fact, just last week we saw how quickly the issue can move from an inside baseball discussion among the policy wonks and technophiles into a matter that truly touches everyone. From the appearance of the Boucher Privacy Bill draft to the complaint filed against Facebook with the FTC over its pressing users to reveal more and more of their data publicly, it's been a banner time for the great debates.
  • Will Ad Industry Self-Regulate Behaviorally Targeted Ads?
    How will behavioral ad targeting work in the long term? First-party ad targeting will have full disclosure on Web sites. Third-party targeting, ad targeting across multiple Web sites, should require disclosure in the ad. In absence of that disclosure, an opt-in feature, instead of opt-out, should appear on sites. So the consumer would have to opt in to targeting. This scenario comes courtesy of Russell Glass, chief executive officer at Bizo,.
  • FinWEB Targets Behavior Tying Offline Data With Web Analytics
    FinScore consultants believe they have created a successful method to integrate offline and online date to target consumers on specific sites. Scheduled for public release within the next few weeks, the platform dubbed FinWEB combines and matches customer offline CRM data with their online behavior to create what Sandro Saitta, a consultant at FinScore S.A., calls an "extended profile."
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