• Digitaria's Three Steps To Better Data Management
    How fast would a baseball need to travel to reach Digitaria's twelfth floor San Diego office balcony overlooking Padre's stadium? I have no idea, but the amazing view from atop makes you want to calculate the number and give it a try. Rather than delve deeper into this idea, though, I sat down with Digitaria President Doug Hecht; VP of Insights and Action Karen Bellin, and SVP of Strategy Mark Newcomer to talk about ways marketers can make the best use of data. It may seem simple, but the task can overwhelm even the most experienced marketers.
  • Honest-ly: Personalization Boosts Conversions For The Honest Company
    Jessica Alba's product subscription service for busy moms was a personal service that hadn't discovered personalized messaging and marketing. Leveraging analytics and targeted emails massively accelerated conversions and saved the company money on a number of fronts.
  • Google To Introduce Android Wear Smartwatches
    Google aims to bring watches back in vogue after people gave them up years ago with the emergence of mobile phones. On Tuesday the company introduced Android Wear, the operating system that will expand past Google Glass into other wearable technology. The first wearable devices powered by this system will be smartwatches, the kind wearers can interact with through a glance or a spoken word. The data the device will collect with help from electronic components will become insurmountable if advertising agencies and Google cannot sort through the signals.
  • New Technology, Old Behavior: Click-To-Call Optimizes Comfort And Efficiency
    In an interesting way, the mobilized Web has helped reiterate, not undermine, the unique value and efficiency of a phone call. Click-to-call has always been a quiet giant in the mobile space.
  • Microsoft Blends Complex Data And Social Media To Create HereHere
    What if you take complex data and present it in ways a typical person could understand in a Twitter tweet or a status update in a Facebook or Google+ stream? What if you layer those tweets and updates on an online neighborhood map, so people could understand where the information comes from? Microsoft did. Its project HereHere, which launched this week, blends data analytics and social media to alert the public of issues affecting their neighborhoods.
  • Your Car Is Following You: Will It Be A 'Data Monster'?
    The next big thing in data tracking, targeting and privacy worries? You are driving it. Automakers know as well as anyone that the connected car challenges long-standing cultural values associated with driving.
  • Bluefin Media CEO Calls On Ad Industry To Standardize Viewability Metrics
    Measuring data becomes worthless when companies can't sift through the numbers to find the gems. Bluefin Media CEO Brad Mandell calls on the advertising industry to create a standard viewability metric as more brands rely on the data to make ad-buying decisions.
  • Help! My Unquantified Self Is Stuck In Fitbit Hell
    I am the only family member without a fitness monitor. I feel so un-self-realized, so data-less and haphazard in my movements. What am I doing? Who know? Who cares? No one is counting, anyway.
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