• Omnicom's Annalect Will Merge Offline And Online Data
    With Annalect, Omnicom Media Group is quietly rolling out a strategy identifying propensity and buying signals from non-digital channels combined with digital signals to create a more complete audience targeting ad profile.
  • The New Mobile Reflex
    There are many question marks that remain around consumer behavior this holiday shopping season. How much will we really spend during this fourth holiday in a row of economic fear and uncertainty? When will spending kick in during this cycle -- an early, drawn-out spend or a last-minute burst? How much will go online and how much will stay at bricks and mortar? And it goes on. One thing is certain this holiday, however. Mobility is about to have a profound effect on the entire retail shopping model. It's hard to imagine more of a disruption to the brick-and-mortar world …
  • Online Ad Targeting Will Aid Political Agendas
    Ramping up for the 2012 U.S. elections, Pandora became the latest Internet publisher to announce it will begin accepting political ads. The streaming Internet music service follows in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter. The targeted local and national personalized ads will be served to voters during the audio breaks based on their ZIP code entered at registration.
  • Pet-Owning Vitamin-Poppers Want Their iPads
    Long before "Freakonomics" revealed to a larger audience just how fascinating sports data diving can be, behavioral marketers were already expert at finding curious affinities in the data they were assembling. In fact, I remember that in the early days of Tacoda and Revenue Science's evolution, they leveraged their infamous "black boxes" as audience discovery engines. In the process of targeting specific segments in their early campaigns they were also finding that unexpected segments of consumers were responding especially well to the messaging. And so one of the value propositions of behavioral targeting soon became its ability to ferret out …
  • Will comScore Data Validation Help Calm Advertisers' Fears?
    comScore has begun to validate eXelate's audience intent data. Measuring the audience segments mean comScore compares the data to its panel and score it according to a five-point rating scale based on the accuracy of a brand's targeting assignments. A five-point score represents 85% to 100% audience accuracy.
  • Apple of Our Eye: iPhone/iPad Win Staring Contests
    I am a sucker for a good eye-tracking study. Give me a heat map showing what and in what order and for how long people look at items on a screen, and I see a window into a mode of behavior that almost always reveals something of value. "Eyes don't lie," quips Jeff Bander, Senior Vice President, Client Relations, EyeTrackshop. Understandably, that is the adage that reigns over a metrics group devoted to the value of the gaze. They have pioneered a cheap and highly scalable way to conduct eye-tracking studies with hundreds of people from their own desks using …
  • Behavioral Targeting Requires Data, Lots Of It
    Marketing strategies built on consumer behavior requires data to support targeting decisions. But a study led by Lauren Freedman and e-commerce consultancy e-tailing group reveals just 8% of the 110 retail marketer surveyed plan to spend more on retargeting and behavioral targeting services during the holiday season and into 2012.
  • At FT, High-Tech Finally Starts to Simplify and Clarify Data
    The high-tech systems that have been adding layers of data and real-time operations to the publishing and advertising markets in recent years also cake on additional costs and a comic level of complexity. Media buying has become so complex and algorithmic that agencies are looking for math majors. Executives wonder where the money is going as each new tech piece adds to the CPM. The problem is acute for a publisher like Financial Times, where a complex metered access model has to serve un-registered, registered and paid members differently, and those interactions render mountains of demo, behavioral and ad performance …
  • Simpli.fi Speeds Up Targeting
    On Wednesday, Simpli.fi CEO Frost Prioleau said the company will begin to target consumers on real-time bidding inventory per impression immediately after a search. He said early tests show this feature provides four to 10 times the conversions created by traditional 30-day search retargeting. The company also will provide reports, so advertisers can see exactly how their search retargeting campaigns perform throughout the process.
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