• Facebook Provides List Of Government Data Requests
    Facebook published a report Tuesday on its Web site with data on the requests the company receives from foreign countries about its users -- including the percentage of requests in which Facebook is required by law to disclose at least some data.
  • Tracking the Multiscreen Shopper
    The omnichannel shopper is evolving about as quickly as both the technology and retailer reaction to these changes. A next generation of dynamic shopper tracking, however, may keep up.
  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky's Soapbox Video Star
    Ad executive Alex Bogusky began a crusade to bring manufacturing back to the United States using data, video, and social media .
  • The Social Data Behind Behavior
    Some might think Matt Wallaert is a software engineer, but he's actually a social scientist with Bing at Microsoft. Wallaert believes that analysis of social interactions will continue to increase within specific product groups, as social interactions and data play a more important role in business, reports the Seattle Times.
  • Silos, Scale, Skills Are Bogging Down the Analytics March
    Professionals are embracing the potential of customer analytics even as they struggle to integrate the data and calculate ROI, says one study.
  • Optimizing The Message? That's Just Another Math Problem
    Can math improve messaging? One company is throwing machine learning, natural language processing and algorithms at copy to find the optimal workding and phrasing to achieve specific direct responses. The machine just entered the creative bullpen.
  • V12 Group Automates Customer Acquisitions Through Data
    V12 Group officially rolls out Launchpad Wednesday, a hosted platform that automates the ability to find new customers based on the company's existing customer base.
  • News360 Mobilizes Native Advertising With Personalized Content
    News360 is using the same personalization algorithms and machine learning techniques that it uses on news content to match the right sponsored content with the right reader. Call it targeted native.
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