• Ensighten Tag Management Expands Data Collection For IBM's Cloud Exchange
    Ensighten, an enterprise tag management provider, envisions a world where its clients can pull in many different kinds of first- and third-party personalized targeted advertising data. It may have achieved that goal by partnering with IBM to integrate with Big Blue's Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX).
  • Connexity Audience Segments Become Increasingly Targeted, Pulls In Brand Preference Data
    Connexity furthered its strategy this week to build targeted audience segments and tie in offline brand preference data from Simmons Research, launching what CEO Bill Glass calls an "enhanced" version of AudienceView.
  • Hotwire Explains How To Use Seven Attribution Models Simultaneously
    Attribution continues to pull at marketers like a child begging for attention, but too many shrug off the request because it gets complicated trying to attribute media across channels -- for most, anyway. Not for Alex Otrezov, senior director of paid-search operations at Hotwire.
  • Real-Time Data Layer Updates Audience Segments On The Fly
    Qubit released a feature in its platform that creates a layer of data to target advertisements to consumers in real time as they make choices on the retailer's Web site. Each choice becomes a clue to the consumer's intent to purchase.
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