• Will BT Get In The Game?
    While games marketing is not ready to incorporate behavioral targeting techniques for a while, we thought this was a good time to ask DoubleFusion's CEO Jon Epstein how the medium currently targets audiences, and some of the possibilities down the line for cueing specific ad messages with gaming behaviors.
  • Personalized TV: Targeting For Relevance
    While the number of aggregated eyeballs glued to the TV set to watch any one show at a given time inexorably declines, the number of disaggregated eyeballs watching many different programs at many different times increases. Unfortunately television advertising has lagged far behind the actual behavior of consumers. But companies like Cambridge, MA-based personalization technology developer Choice Stream are helping major video content providers to connect the dots.
  • Following the Customer
    Behavioral tracking continues to be the hot topic in advertising circles this season, but it is just as critical now for the e-commerce segment. Home Décor Products Inc. Director of Marketing Christal Condon let us tag along as she tails her shoppers and divines both merchandising and marketing strategies from their every move.
  • Targeting User-Generated Content: The Infrastructure Challenge
    Consumer-oriented social networking sites like MySpace have quickly come to occupy center stage as the "next big thing" in online advertising. Yet, though they've succeeded in amassing tens of millions of eyeballs and incredible diversity of content, they've yet to establish tools for tracking, measuring and ultimately targeting their users by interest and activity. Randy Selman, CEO of rich media and digital asset management firm Onstream Media, discusses the infrastructure challenges facing user-generated content and video networks looking to target and monetize all their content.
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