• How Much Would Brands Pay For individual Customer Data?
    Companies need to create new revenue streams by making data the product. UnboundID suggests a business model that provides confirmed information about customers to companies as a service, and offers consumers a way to manage and control their identity. UnboundID says this business model can work if consumers remain in control of their data and trust companies to honor their choices.
  • Getting Real With RTB: 23% Of Advertising Now Using It
    RTB accounts for almost a quarter of online ads from the top 1,000 advertisers, YieldMetrics revealed at last week's OMMA RTB. Perhaps just as important, the inventory is going deeper into the portfolio of premium sites.
  • Study: Google Talks With More Than Half Of All N.A. Devices Daily
    Some 62.28% of all Internet-connected devices in North America send traffic through Google every day, according to a study by Deepfield that also finds Google analytics, cloud hosting, and advertising play a role in more than half of all large Web services or sites today.
  • The Data Pool: Adhesive Forms Retargeting Co-op To Move Up The Funnel
    Chad Little, founder of Fetchback, argues that retargeting has become "commoditized," and his new company actually boasts of having the lowest CPMs in the field. But his co-op model promises members incremental conversions.
  • How The Color Red Influences Behavior
    Changing the color of the price from black to red on an advertisement makes men think they are getting a bargain, according to research from the University of Oxford Sad Business School. Some recalled the price as $15 less than the actual cost.
  • Big Data and Sexy Vampires With Enviable Abs: The Summer Blockbuster
    What better way to explain the big-data concept than a mock summer blockbuster featuring sexy vampires, cow kidnapping, werewolf chat rooms and intelligent power grids?
  • Site And Search Retargeting Budgets On The Rise
    Some 84% of marketers and agencies use site retargeting to increase revenue, 36% use it to increase site engagement, and 34% aim to raise overall brand awareness, according to a study by the Chango Retargeting Barometer, which set out to determine what marketers and agencies think of retargeting.
  • Twitter To Start Retargeted Ads
    Twitter is joining Facebook in allowing advertisers to target Promoted Tweets in news feeds based on their browsing and opt-in habits from outside the micro-blog itself.
  • Data Platform Brings Faster Service
    The ad tech industry seems to have become obsessed with speed. The ability to pull ads faster to serve up in search results or on publisher sites, and to more quickly integrate offline data into online systems, have become critical components to support brands.
  • Voltari Looks To Four Data Points For Targeting Mobile Ads
    The company formerly known as Motricity is taking four key data points -- location, time of day, content and device -- to target and optimize ad campaigns in real time.
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