• Targeting The Web's Guilty Pleasure: Images
    In-image advertising is a fascinating emerging format that targets one of the digital media consumer's great guilty pleasures - rifling through piles of slideshows.
  • eXelate Releases Audience Segment Black Friday, Cyber Monday Data
    eXelate, which provides insights about online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioral trends, will publish data outlining several audience and market segments from online activity during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • Microsoft Testing Waste-Powered Data Center, R&D Facility
    Microsoft gained approval for an 18-month trial of a module data center, Data Plant, using biogas-powered fuel in a wastewater treatment plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • Changing Behaviors: Who Asked Magazines To Get 'Interactive' Anyway?
    For over a decade print media has struggled to make a stronger digital connection. But do consumers really want print-to-Web technologies? In the end, should magazines even want them?
  • C.A.S.T.ing The Net For Native Ads
    Publishers have been turning to native ad units integrated alongside content in hopes of reviving the downward slide of standard display ads and finding new means to draw in data.
  • Can We Retrain Desktop Users To Behave Like Tablet Owners?
    Rather than just track behaviors online, can publishers also change user behaviors on the desktop by redesigning Web experiences to resemble the more engaging touch environments? USA Today appears to be trying.
  • Brands, Agencies Plan To Increase Custom Data Use In 2013
    Companies plan to increase their use of custom data to target ads in 2013, according to research conducted by eXelate, which provides data on purchase intent and behavior.
  • Staying Minutes Ahead Of The Next Twitter Trend
    MIT researchers say they have developed an algorithm that predicts 90 minutes in advance what topics will appear on Twitter's trending list.
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