• Mapping Out The Best Attribution Path
    Marketers want to find an attribution model that considers all of the channels they use to gain the highest return for advertising dollars spent. It may seem easy, but it's not. Here's why.
  • A Mass Medium Without Mass Media: Live TV Losing Default Status
    Live TV is no longer the default experience for an emerging generation of viewers. The TV is quickly becoming just another monitor now,
  • Brands Missing Opportunity To Measure Consumer Sentiment
    Advertisers are missing an opportunity to create new metrics to measure things like consumer sentiment. That was the consensus among experts during a panel on measuring content's impact at the MediaPost OMMA LA conference Art & Science of Digital Advertising.
  • Will 'Direct Response' Ads Undermine 'My Response' To Instagram?
    Instagram is about to open its platform to all advertisers, using self-serve technology and direct response functionality. But is Instagram really a "call to action" environment?
  • Real-Time Email Optimization Goes Live, Relies On Data
    Most content management systems support fixed editorial and advertising content at the time the emails and newsletters are scheduled, but a platform launching Wednesday changes the idea readers need to receive out-of-date content.
  • Gameloft Solves For Mobile Monetization By Going 100% Direct
    Tired of ceding control and revenue share to ad nets and exchanges, Gameloft, one of the leading mobile game makers is taking it all in-house. The company says this is not only good for revenue but also good for advertisers and ad effectiveness.
  • YouTube Multichannel Networks Worth Billions
    Some multichannel networks on YouTube are worth billions and growing. London-based analyst firm Ampere Analysis estimates the channel's businesses in aggregate are worth more than $20 billion. Dreamworks and Disney have seen their individual investments in MCNs rise in value by more than 240% in the past 18 months, according to Ampere.
  • Internet of Things And The Next Wave Of Targeting Data
    The Internet of Things will turn every item on every store shelf into a connected piece of media for manufacturers -- and a new source of unique data that can inform all messaging and targeting.
  • Possibility Of New Laws Send Brands To Monitor Behavior Across Sites
    Laws like the Harmful Digital Communications bill that passed in New Zealand have Inversoft CEO Brian Pontarelli thinking the United States will soon see similar legislation come down the pike. While this bill aims to protect victims of cyber-bullying and online harassment, the shift also puts a strain on companies to monitor and protect their communities and reputations. So this week Inversoft will release an update to the company's enterprise platform that moderates and filters profanity and more from online communities.
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