• Programmatic Mobile Targets Lawn Nerd Behaviors For Scotts
    The lawn care brand Scotts used programmatic data to find not only its core customer but those most likely to interact with the brand on the deepest levels.
  • Marketers Fail At Using Emotional Drivers To Reach Millennials
    Millennials make purchases based largely on anxiety or empowerment, and understanding those emotional drivers may become the biggest key to connecting with them, according to a study. For millennials, staying connected with friends and family by sharing their emotions on social media has become a daily way of life, but marketers aren't using these signals to connect with brand fans.
  • Flipboard Claims User Curation Drives Content Sharing
    As new styles of news aggregation, curation and personalization emerge, publishers and advertisers will need to explore how branded content and ads perform in a range of new contexts.
  • Report: Audience Measurement Companies To Grow Revenue 25%
    Revenue from third-party audience measurement companies supporting entertainment and Internet advertising will grow by 25% during the next three years, reaching approximately $3.3 billion in 2018, according to a report from Needham & Co. Analyst Laura Martin.
  • Mobile Ad Impact Is Proximity- And Category-Sensitive
    Proximity matters when it comes to mobile ad effectiveness, but not all the time for all categories. In fact some mobile ads are less interesting to users as they get closest to the point of purchase.
  • Mobile Data: Off With The Old, And Keep It Off
    Delete, restore, delete. These days, people are more interested in gaining control of digital data and what others see after they're done with the device. Data left on a mobile phone or tablet can become a treasure trove for the wrong person when the owner wants to trade up or sell it to buy a new model. Most consumers think they have control over the data on their phone. Not so. Here's why and how to get rid of it.
  • Research Finds Images In Social Media Posts Reflect Another Ad Targeting Option
    Teens leverage social media as a conversation space and an outlet for self-expression to a greater degree than adults do, according to researchers at Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology, who used a combination of textual and facial recognition methods in their study.
  • Sign Me Up: Stoking The Subscription Economy
    Consumers are looking for convenience and optimal selection, and so subscription services represent an appealing model for a broader range of goods -- but differentiating services will be a challenge.
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