• The Emotional Complexity Of Coffee And Donuts
    Can marketers use smartphone surveys to tap into the deepest motives and emotions that influence consumer decision-making? Maybe if you ask the right leading question and provide pictures.
  • AMD Exec: Data Explosion In Surround Computing
    Unstructured data like video will grow from 245 exabytes of data across the Internet in 2010 to 1,000 exabytes in 2015, according to Mark Papermaster, SVP and CTO at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), citing Cisco System specs. Companies will need about 10 million new servers in data centers. He spoke about the explosion of data and the entrance of surround computing at the Hot Chips conference.
  • Big, Big Data From Little Devices
    The telecom industry is finally getting into the big, big data pile it has built for itself. The promise of real-time behavioral targeting in this industry is crafting offers that target not only people, but actions, and contexts.
  • Political Values Create Brand Targeting Segments
    Political values will become the next big audience targeting segment for brand marketers looking to link their products and services with a specific type of consumer. A couple of recent political ad targeting tools, one from Adiant, and the other by Google, have convinced me of the future of political ad segmentation.
  • Targeting Buyers, Not Users
    App publishers for kids have a unique challenge: they have to sell their wares to a parental audience that is not the actual long-term user of the app. Motion Math used analytics to determine when the buyer was really present.
  • How Tag Management Failure Can Bring Down A Web Site
    Single point of failure (SPoF) sounds like an aeronautical term related to NASA's Mars mission, but it's not. It refers to problems in Web site tag management systems (TMS). TagMan, which offers a TMS solution, set out to simulate multiple failures of four major airline Web sites driven by online bookings.
  • American Heart Association Targets Awareness With Engagement, Reaps Donation Interest
    By targeting the right audience with ads that encouraged interaction and information gathering, the American Heart Association got a welcome payoff from an engagement campaign: a lift in donations.
  • Will Nielsen's Cross-Platform Model Lead To Set-Top-Box TV Ad Targeting?
    The advertising industry hasn't quite managed to target TV ads per households through set-top box and Web data as execs from NXP (Philips) Semiconductors envisioned 10 years ago, but Nielsen has built a platform relying on audience segments that combines TV viewing habits and online behavior.
  • Data Is Power? Obama App Makes Anyone A Political Bean Counter
    The new Obama app is a great example of how putting data into people's hands can embolden, empower and even surprise them. You know the kitchen table political arguments you keep losing because you don't have any facts and figures in front of you? This app seems to know that sympathizers for a cause need ammo.
  • Never Mind Attachment To Social Media; What About The Data?
    Some 62% of adults say they're afraid of missing news or an important event if they don't keep an eye on their social network pages, according to the 2012 "Connecting and Communicating Online: State of Social Media" study.
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