• Big Data Analytics And Fitbit May Find Their Way Into Courtrooms
    You are the cookie now, and this has big implications we are only beginning to glean. As data tracking and pooling gauge more intimate aspects of our existence, lawyers are poised to rush in. The ambulance chasers will now be pursuing data, too.
  • For Programmatic TV Buying, Small Can Be An Advantage
    For a small agency working with a small budget, programmatic TV placements let the client fight above its weight in prime-time arenas it never could afford before.
  • When Behavior Becomes The Main Signal In One-On-One Targeting
    One-to-one marketing isn't a new idea, but until now the technology didn't exist. Adidas takes a step into this world by integrating near-field communications (NFC) into its footwear and sports equipment in the hope that by triggering more than a billion touchpoints, it can gain data from consumers.
  • Experts @SXSW Ask If Privacy By Design Makes A Company More Likeable
    Large companies like General Motors and Sony have a slew of experts in the background assuring that legal privacy policies are in place, but a handful of companies at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival said that not enough companies make the legalese easy for consumers to read and understand. They believe consumers should tell the truth when they check the box indicating they read and understood the company's privacy policy.
  • Esurance Wants To Stay Master Of Its Own Data Domain
    The digital native brand built its own DMP, runs its own programmatic buying, and plans to leverage this tech-savviness in bringing brand and performance advertising closer.
  • Kennet Partners, Joe Wang Take Majority Stake In TreeHouse
    Financial investment firm Kennet Partners and co-investor Joe Wang made a $17 million investment in TreeHouse Interactive, a partner relationship management (PRM) provider, acquiring a majority ownership in the company.
  • Targeting Your Wrist? Not So Fast, Apple
    Only a small percentage of consumers interested in the wearable computing market plan to buy an Apple Watch, and the majority are unconvinced of the device's usability.
  • Alibaba Opens First Data Center In U.S.
    Alibaba announced Wednesday it will be launching a new data center in Silicon Valley, with the intention of taking a piece of the U.S. cloud computing market.
  • Late Morning To Early Afternoon Prime Time For Mobile Ad Effectiveness
    Mobile usage is much more consistent throughout the day and evening than desktop or tablet activity. But when it comes to our likelihood to respond to a mobile ad, marketers may want to target the clear sweet spot: just before lunch.
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