• Travel Targeting's Long Learning Curve
    With upwards of 90 percent of American adult consumers using the Internet to research travel-related plans and purchases, travel firms theoretically have a raft of data about consumer behavior to leverage. The industry's current challenge, according to Greg Saks, director of travel practice for Boston area-based industry research firm, is how to translate that data into deeper customer knowledge.
  • Keeping BT Fed And Watered
    NetPlus Marketing CEO Robin Neifield has executed as many BT campaigns as almost anyone in the business. But don't drown in the Kool-Aid, Neifield warns even the most devoted fans of this technology. The sexy ROI of BT can be, well, seductive. She tells us how a proper media plan keeps a BT engine from burning out by feeding it with classic branding and PPC elements as well.
  • From Merchandising To Searchandising: BT at the Shopping Cart
    For most online marketers, behavioral targeting is a methodology limited strictly to advertising. But Kelly O'Neill, director of product development at Art Technology Group Inc., argues that realizing the promise of behavioral targeting requires going beyond conventional boundaries among advertising, e-commerce and customer service.
  • Getting To BT's Next Stage
    JupiterResearch had some good news for the behavioral targeting industry last month when its "Effective Targeting" report found that advertisers for products with long purchase cycles were embracing BT in a substantial way....
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