• OpenX, AdTruth Ink Deal For Mobile Ad Targeting
    Wednesday OpenX Software will announce a partnership with device recognition platform company AdTruth to improve on its mobile ad inventory sold through OpenX Market, the company's real time bidding platform. The service becomes available in Q2 2013.
  • Targeted Serendipity: Thinking Harder About 'Relevance'
    'Relevance' can be so tightly and literally defined that marketers can eliminate an important activity every consumer craves: discovery. Macy's is thinking hard about how to target but also satisfy larger brand goals for being entertaining.
  • Twitter Tool Shows Topics Trending At World Economic Forum
    KPMG developed a tool to provide a unique perspective into the World Economic Forum set to begin in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday. One column provides a look into topics trending on conference delegates' tweets; alongside are trending terms "based on tweets that reference WEF or Davos" from people around the world. The tool pulls in rich media, such as images, video, and articles to augment the text. Each day people visiting the site can see how the conversation changes.
  • Proving Hyperlocal Targeting Can Hype Sales
    Legendary car care brand Meguiar's used hyper-local profiling, geo-targeted ads and a rich mobile landing experience to show that these cutting-edge techniques can be tied to real store-level sales.
  • Decker UGG Finds Its Footing In Ad Tag Manager Tealium
    Advancements in technology will require better Web site performance in 2013, as companies support content, attempt to sort through mounds of data, and start to add top level domain names in an effort to differentiate brands. Sifting through the data will likely become one of the major challenges for marketers this year because it means better site organization, which in turn requires tag management.
  • This Isn't Your Father's iPhone
    Gadgets used to target generic coolness. Now we are starting to see signs that personal device models and brands will align with certain demographic segments much the way cars, cigarettes and music have.
  • When The Data Tells All You Need To Know
    I love data like I love country music. I admit it. While country music makes you feel good, data answers so many questions. After trying for months to answer the question of why I kept seeing an abundance of country related television shows, I came across a number from Nielsen SoundScan that answers the question.
  • 'WSJ' Charts Media's Data Leakage -- But Is Anyone Using The PII?
    The Wall Street Journal finds that some of the top sites on the Web are sharing more than cookie data -- even passing along email addresses to tech and ad partners. But are the supposed beneficiaries of this data trove even using it?
  • Missing Data To Blame For Netflix Outage
    Earlier this week Amazon provided details of the cloud server outage that brought down services from Netfix and others on Christmas Eve in the United States. It turns out a developer deleted data from the Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Service.
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