• And Now For Something Completely Different
    In pulling together panelists and topics for the upcoming OMMA Behavioral event in San Francisco (July 21), this third iteration of the series broadens the view of "behavioral" to include more of the technologies and techniques that leverage user data in different ways both on-site and offline.
  • Targeting Social Media: From Theory To Practice
    Once one has accepted the premise that social connectivity behavior is distinct from more traditional matrices of individual online behavior and psychographic profiling, the question becomes how to integrate that new data set purposefully. In the second part of a conversation begun last week, Jim Calhoun, CEO of Popular Media, outlines some of the challenges of social media targeting from theory to practice.
  • Targeting An Exchange's Value Proposition
    In hiring digital veteran Mark S. Zagorski, the Israel-based targeting data exchange eXelate also opens its New York pffice and U.S. operation this month. But how does an exchange bring value to both publishers and networks? As vertical networks proliferate like kudzu, and some publishers worry that further commoditization of inventory undermines their brand, we asked Zagorski, now eXelate's chief revenue officer, to walk us through the model, the proposition, and its place in the controversies.
  • Graph-Based Targeting
    Social media is by all accounts more about making connections between people than about publishing content in the traditional paradigm. Yet, while this is no secret to either publishers or marketers, nearly all social network targeting strategies have remained strictly focused on leveraging profile data tied to individual behaviors. What they've continued to miss, is the social connectivity piece, explains Jim Calhoun, CEO of PopularMedia in the first of a two-part conversation.
  • No, Come Back! It's Not So Hard
    When a loan vendor loses 97% of its incoming traffic because its application form is too long and hard, then something has to be done. Of course, changes need to be made to the on-site form and process itself. In the meantime, however, the company needs to do something to retrieve that lost, lucrative customer base. MediaContacts devised a retargeting campaign to retrieve those customers with a simple reassurance: You really can "complete the application in under 15 minutes."
  • Video's Challenge: Targeting Micro-Communities
    The usually unexamined premise of behavioral-based marketing is that personalizing content means ever more deeply scrutinizing what makes individual consumers unique -- the better to forge that proverbial one-to-one relationship between brands and consumers. As important as the drive to personalize and individualize content is, however, it sometimes neglects the fact that consumers as people are socially bonding animals. Which is to say, as Deborah Richman, senior vice president of Collarity, explains: Paradoxical as it may seem, sometimes what makes individuals unique is their relationships to other individuals.
  • Streamlining Discovery
    "Discovery" has become one of the hot new alternatives to the more common forms of behavioral tracking. One company in the space, MatchMine, lets users create MatchKey profiles of their content "likes" at MatchMine.com or one of its partners like music site Fuzz or film site FilmCrave. The technology creates this profile from the ways a user interacts with different content. We caught up with CEO Michael Troiano as MatchMine evolves from its test phase with early partners to a more expansive rollout with new partners Odeo, blogged, and others.
  • Realizing The Potential Of PDF
    In many ways PDF (Portable Document Format) has been the ugly duckling of the digital media revolution, lacking the cachet of search, the buzz of mobile, the glamour of video and the whimsy of widgets. Yet it's arguably the most ubiquitous distribution vehicle of online information, a primary conduit of public communication for nearly all large companies and a repository of rich wells of user data. Data which, as Pat Weilmeier, director of marketing at Vitrium Systems, explains, has till now remained unused.
  • Engaging The Socialite
    How can social media publishers and advertisers really leverage user-generated content until they understand what exactly users do in these spaces -- and how they actually interact with ad messages? In a new research report, social media intelligence aggregator Lotame studied advertising "engagement" in social media and emerged with some strong recommendations for how planners need to rethink the placement, timing, and frequency of ads in social media. Lotame CEO Andrew Monfried explains.
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