• DoubleVerify Closes $33 Million In Funding
    As behavioral targeting through ad exchanges grows, marketers want a method to confirm that they're getting what they've paid for. This trend created opportunities for companies like DoubleVerify to monitor delivery of ads.
  • IKEA In My Bedroom: Creepy, But Cool Or Cool, But Creepy?
    So much energy is spent defending, obfuscating and otherwise rationalizing the perceived intrusiveness of behavioral targeting and user tracking online, that less time is spent leveraging the technology with consumers in ways that might impress them.
  • Behavioral Targeting On Rise Regardless Of Pushback
    Online behavioral advertising revenue in the U.S. will reach $4.9 billion by December 2011, and grow at a 9.6% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach $7.1 billion by 2015, according to Parks Associates.
  • How To Stop Wasting Ad Dollars
    Sunil Sharma, an independent consultant who was formerly director of trading at Adnetik, the trading desk for Havas Digital before it was spun off, has published a white paper on the state of programmatic ad buying that explains how advertisers and publishers lose out on targeting opportunities, and what the industry can do to mitigate this problem.
  • Behavioral Commerce -- Or, The Art of the Observant Salesperson
    "What will it take for you to walk out of here today with this new car?" I recall a dealer asking me years ago after protracted haggling. He had had an opportunity to take my measure, knew that I disliked being "sold" anything, and was smart enough to toss it in my court to give me a sense of control over the next offer. The one thing most difficult for e-commerce to virtualize is this wisdom of the floorwalker, the sharp-eyed salesperson who sizes up a customer and what they are after.
  • eXelate's CEO Coins Term For DMP
    Since it's all about online marketing and targeting ads based on behavior using data, here's a new acronym that DMP industry insiders may want to use referring to platforms managing data. Mark Zagorski, eXelate CEO, refers to his company's DMP as a data marketing, rather than management, platform.
  • Can We Target And Optimize For People's Values?
    Much of the technology behind behavioral targeting has been based on answering the question, "What will people do next?" Based on a set of demonstrated actions, which segment of people in an addressable audience is most likely to take the next action a marketer needs. As first reported months ago in this space , an interesting alternative targeting approach from Resonate tries to understand better the "why" that motivates a group of people to do things. The company tries to match advertisers with audience based on values -- not on intent or demographics or any of the other usual suspects. …
  • Welcome To The Year Of 'Diverse Data Analytics'
    Jon Ingalls, BlueKai's newly appointed chief marketing officer, said the next data evolution brings analytics into the equation to sort and sift through the numbers. He calls this "diverse data analysis." Think of diverse data analysis as being an offshoot of predictive analytics, only with a bit of maturity.
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