• Behavioral Targeting With A Social Twist
    Some social media companies have begun to pitch themselves as behavioral targeting services. Consider SocialTwist, a social media marketing platform. The company's business model relies on a small widget that allows Web site members to forward marketing message with one click. The SocialTwist platform relies on human filtering as the primary targeting tool. The widgets don't include personally identifiable information, but the technology does track consumer's behavior.
  • Optimizing User Choice: The Continuing Adventures Of Opt-Out Man
    As Facebook controversies and the ongoing legislative and regulatory debates over privacy move the issue of personal data control onto the front pages of newspapers and Web sites, consumers are engaging with the issue in a new way. In the past I have done periodic passes of the opt-out processes in place at the major content and ad network providers, but it seems appropriate this time to approach the process from a typical consumer perspective. How would a concerned user try to get a toehold on the data collection problem and attempt to opt out of something -- anything -- …
  • AudienceScience Helps Ensure Quality Of Targeting Data
    Bad quality data can give the advertising industry a bad name. Good quality audience data segments can make the difference when it comes to successful ad targeting campaigns. AudienceScience on Wednesday will launch two programs designed to give advertisers confidence in the quality of data and audience segments they use.
  • Lotame And OpenAmplify Create Audience Clusters on Sentiment
    Lotame will soon have the ability to scan content across the Web as people create it, and associate content creators with the emotions they express about brands, activities, and other topics. The company is deepening its relationship with OpenAmplify, with whom it's been affiliated for about a year, to make it possible to target ad messages based on that information.
  • Putting a Cash Value On Consumers' Undivided Attention
    Since online advertising began, it seems there's always been some kind of scheme afoot to "pay" users for the time they spend with ads. Anyone remember AllAdvantage? In the late '90s there were efforts to give people credits for every banner they watched. You can imagine the ways in which that plan was gamed.
  • Behavioral Targeting: Peer39 Says It's A Matter Of Semantics
    Semantic data has become the key to precise targeting. That's a good thing for Peer39, which specializes in this service. The company on Wednesday announced a partnership with sell-side platform AdMeld that will enable the latter's clients -- the likes of Answers.com, AccuWeather, Discovery Communications, FOX News, Hearst Television, and IAC -- to analyze ad impressions against semantic data sets on the fly.
  • Yeah, There's An App for That: Finding the Mobile User's 'Point of Need'
    As a way of touting the success of the iPhone's content economy, Apple is fond of rolling out regular updates about the massive number of applications in its growing App Store. Having 200,000 downloadable programs is supposed to be a sign of progress. With all of that clutter being merchandised through the small spout of a phone interface, getting an app noticed in this busy system has become difficult and costly. The same is true now for the Android marketplace, with tens of thousands of apps. No digital platform is more in need of behavioral analytics that can drive personalized …
  • Akamai Data Provides Targeted Behavioral Ad Insights Into Shopping Activity
    Akamai launched an Online Shopping Data Visualization tool Wednesday to help marketers identify retail purchase trends. Mike Afergan, head of Akamai's Advertising Decision Solutions group, says the tool helps marketers target ads to consumers in conjunction with another Akamai tool, Shopographics, which offers online advertisers a way to find target markets by using shopping data to define audience segments.
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