• Mobile Is Still About The Fun Factor, So Don't Kill The Experience
    As indispensable as mobile has become as a shopping, digital data tool, it is still mostly about killing time and inserting some fun into moments throughout the day. Advertisers can't target these users and environments with the same old intrusive tactics.
  • Data Security Trumps Privacy And Tracking Among Consumer Concerns
    Consumers naturally show more concern about identity theft than online privacy, But more to the point, users see themselves now more actively engaged in the management of their privacy and security.
  • How Marketers Will Use Data In 2014
    I pulled some data-related prophecies to share with you, but here's my prediction first: Marketers will begin to use data to better understand the customer lifecycle.
  • Anti-Drone Hoodies To Wallet Cloaks: Giving The Gift Of Opt-Out
    After a year of revelations about the snoop state, cross-platform tracking and in-store surveillance, it's no wonder that various cloaking devices have become a gifting trend this season. Invisibility is the new black.
  • Data To Create Advertising Services Industry
    Big data just means there's a lot of it -- but it should be about connected data, meaningful data. It's about parsing the meaningful nuggets of information to drive the business forward, per Joy Billings, director of analytics and optimization at Experian Consumer Direct. That business could drive directly into the hands of data as a service companies. Not third-party data providers. Something else.
  • Push Personalization: The Message Is The Medium
    Personalizing your conversation with users through messaging may be more effective than personalizing the site or the app. Apps are leading the way, but eventually the entire cross-platform digital environment could benefit from a standard message opt-in model.
  • Befriending The Green Online Consumers
    Forrester Research's report, "Why Every Online Retailer Needs To Think Green," found green retail initiatives attract and retain high-value customers. Some 60% of the retailers the research firm reviewed offered a corporate social responsibility report or some similar online resource to show their commitment, but the quality of those efforts vary dramatically.
  • Data As Entertainment: Miley Vies With Turkish Prime Minister For 'Time' POY
    Social media popularity invites our attention and derision all at once. We are uneasy with this shift in authority that both social media and data-driven everything invites. But real insight may occur at the tension between the old and new ways of doing things.
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