• From Black Box to Legos: Democratizing Behavioral Analytics
    Back in the day... Yeah, here I go again, waxing nostalgic for those early days of behavioral targeting when someone like me found it a lot easier to cover the field. Interview Bill Gossman at Revenue Science and Dave Morgan at Tacoda. Grab a few minutes with someone at Dow Jones or About.com -- and bam you had a feature story on that "new black art" of behavioral targeting.
  • Media Buyers Get Targeting Data In Real Time
    Imagine having access to target data on 200 million Web site visitors in the United States, and gaining the ability to collect performance data on prospects beyond those you originally targeted. It could mean behaviorally targeting an audience you would never have expected to buy your product.
  • Rest Assured, Citizen: Privacy Gets a RoboCop
    If everyone wants self-regulation with teeth -- self-regulation that convinces skeptical privacy advocates and the FTC that the industry can be trusted not to cut corners, exploit loopholes or cast a blind eye on violators -- then it needs a really smart RoboCop. Former About.com CEO and head of Better Advertising Scott Meyer says he has a plan, but it really is as hard as it looks. "This stuff is super-complex," he quipped after walking me through some of the technical gymnastics necessary to track and report on ad network and publisher compliance.
  • Microsoft: Privacy, Data, Ad Targeting Hit Crossroads In 2010
    This year advertisers and consumers will get answers on privacy, data and ad targeting. So says Jeff Lanctot, who joined Microsoft Advertising from Razorfish in late 2009.
  • Interested? Personalization Requires Collaboration
    Personalization has always been a very tough nut to crack. Generally, most of us like the idea of a highly customized feed of information, but we would rather not have to engage in all of the form-filling and box-ticking it requires at most content sites.
  • Yahoo's Algorithm Aims To Improve Behavioral Targeting
    A Yahoo patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office explains how it uses a "site sequence" algorithm the company developed to deliver the most relevant ads to a variety of Web site visitors.
  • Behavioral Targeting Meets Attribution Management
    Dotomi will soon begin to offer an advanced advertising campaign attribution service it has been testing for the past year. The service puts the last-click method to rest and relies on finding the exact value contributed by each piece of media used in a campaign, such as display ads and paid search. It also ties into the company's behavioral targeting service.
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