• Google Tip-Toes Toward The Robot Valet
    Anyone interested in the data story and how consumers will grasp the power of data in their lives, will want to keep an eye on Google Now. this is one of the bolder steps into the realm of the digital valet.
  • Core Audience CEO Lavelle: Think Like Steve Jobs
    Newly appointed Core Audience CEO Adam Lavelle wants to rule the management audience data space. "I love getting up in the morning, making great stuff, and seeing customer experiences continue to improve," he says, explaining that 80% of the experiences online "stink."
  • In Post-PC World, It's Time To Make Good On Deferred Personalization Promises
    For 15 years publishers offered personalized Web experiences that few people wanted. On devices, custom experience may not be mandatory, but over time we will find ourselves gravitating toward media that feels personalized.
  • EXelate Introduces Top-Funnel Targeting
    God help brand marketers who believe lone searches on engines at the bottom of the funnel will produce the awareness needed for consumers to find and purchase products. On Wednesday, eXelate will introduce maX Brand, a service that taps billions of consumer lifestyle, brand affinity, social and shopping behavior data points to help companies find potential customers who don't know about the brand.
  • Fighting The Luma Chart: Criteo's Greg Coleman Lets The Numbers Do The Talking
    In a cluttered market with too many solutions providers and too many meetings, veteran digital salesman Greg Coleman, now President of retargeting firm Criteo, finds he has to refine his pitch. Now it's all about the numbers.
  • Relevvant Launches With Social, Mobile Targeting Tool
    Relevvant launched Tuesday, unveiling a platform combining disparate data sources from mobile and social to support targeted campaigns via display, SMS messages, email and more.
  • Targeting Activity, Not Just People
    In a world of apps, we have the opportunity to craft advertising that enhances interactivity rather than merely interrupts it. The trick will be building integrated ads that still enhance in-app experiences while also achieving scale.
  • Audience Targeting Coming From A Neighborhood Store Near You
    eXelate has begun to research long-tail services that would provide local businesses with an automated self-serve audience targeting and modeling systems. The platform, and others like it, would allow local retail and service companies to input information to build custom audience segments. "I'm a dentist that works at this location who specializes in braces; build an audience block for me," said Mark Zagorski, CEO at eXelate. "We want to achieve that goal."
  • Wait A Sec: When Did Microsoft Become My Nanny?
    Forget for a second whether Microsoft's decision to turn Do Not Track flagging on by default in IE 10 sets back other industry efforts. The larger issue is how we are defining consumer "choice" in the privacy debate.
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