• Mobile Marketing and Advertising on the Go
    Mobile marketing provides a direct channel to interact with customers in new ways, new places, and at new times. Both marketing and sales can benefit from this innovative medium by providing interested consumers with valuable context-driven information. The issues of privacy, security, and ease-of-use must all be considered when launching a marketing campaign that literally reaches into the pockets of your audience.
  • Show, Don't Tell - Brand Experience Is the New Marketing Imperative
    For all the talk about the behavior of consumers, there hasn't been much said about the behavior of marketers. It's time to start the conversation. All these years we've been pushing information at our customers. Now we must make a radical shift - in both mindset and practice - and begin pulling customers toward us, with experiences that engage rather than repel and that connect them with the brand at their initiative, not ours.
  • Traditional Research Improves Online Targeting
    Imagine you've come up with a new garage door opener in which you've melded eye appeal and advanced technology so expertly that it will change the sleepy garage door scene forever. Your gizmo will be a knee jerk must have for all upwardly-mobile garage owners as soon as they hear of it. Provided only that you can reach them, McMansionites everywhere will soon be leaving their garage doors wide open for passers-by to admire the gleaming machinery - your machinery - glittering inside, and you will lay beside the pool as the dollars roll in.
  • Take It Easy at the Buffet
    Targeting is hard for some online advertisers to digest. Online advertising used to be so simple: build a media plan comprised of relevant sites and placements, track results, and optimize campaigns. But targeting changes everything. Instead of planning around just sites and placements, media planners must now digest a daunting menu of other variables: past user behavior, geographic location, connection speed, day of week, time of day, domain name, PRIZM cluster, gender, and scores of other variables.
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