• Content Is The New Creative
    At the OMMA Display shows this week, I noted a general realization that even in their display advertising, people wanted more content than pitches.
  • Ad Industry Needs Fewer Impressions
    How does the ad industry get to "scarcity"? At the OMMA Premium Display conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Mike Rich, VP of media at comScore, said the ad industry sits at the crossroads of a "big transformation" in the way online media gets bought and sold. The industry needs to reduce the amount of inventory on publisher sites,
  • Forever Becoming: Paying Lip Service To Personalization
    According to a new survey of marketers by eConsultancy, more companies are still talking the talk about personalization than are walking the walk.
  • BlueKai Drives Data Into Ad And Enterprise Apps
    BlueKai on Wednesday officially launched the Data Activation System, a platform combining the company's Data Exchange amd Data Management Platform with its media insights tool, Audience across Media (AxM), now officially out of beta. The company will create a third-party app network to support the platform.
  • Targeting Your Next-Generation Wallet
    The mobile wallet is an idea that has been more appealing to the mobile infrastructure than to the merchants and consumers it purports to serve. Placecast wants to solve that problem with geo-targeted and geo-fenced offers that give the model real value for both constituencies.
  • Yahoo Rolls Out Genome
    Yahoo bought interclick last November for $270 million, and this week the company began rolling out Genome, an audience buying platform built on the acquisition's ad targeting technology. It will let the Sunnyvale, Calif., company finally capitalize on all that audience data collected from search queries, accounts and clicks across its network of sites.
  • Algorithm Lets Wi-Fi-Connected Cars Share Data
    How will ad agencies and their clients protect data when cars can pass information from one vehicle to another through Wi-Fi connections? Ford Motor Co. began installing on-board computers in work trucks in mid-2000, and Wi-Fi transmitters in passenger cars since 2010. Now researchers at several universities have discovered how to make one in several cars the conduit to upload information.
  • Tracking report: Google And Facebook Rule The Data Waves
    With more and more free analytics and sharing tools available from publishers, the number of tracking elements per page grows as well. What started as a privacy discussion is evolving into concerns about data leakage and performance.
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