• How Yahoo's Search Retargeting Platform Delivers Many Happy Returns
    Advertisers have finally begun to consider search retargeting as a way to increase accuracy when targeting ads. They're still not ecstatic about the increase in price, compared with serving up plain old ads, but how can they ignore talk of campaigns that begin with $168 cost per acquisition and fall to $29, and .93% conversion rates that rise to 6.93% within one month?
  • A Pandora For Content?
    The personalized music service Pandora is a huge hit in my family, where almost everyone has his or her own custom "channel" of Internet radio. Now the builders of the Worio engine content recommendation engine are trying something like a Pandora model for content.
  • LauraAshley.com Implements Ad Targeting Technology
    Earlier this month, fashion and home retailer Laura Ashley announced it had signed a deal with TagMan to implement behavioral targeting technology at LauraAshley.com. Here's more on how the deal is working out.
  • Publishers' Missed Opportunity: Be Our Guest
    There is a lot to be learned from Mickey Mouse, and sometimes the lesson is as simple as that legendary character-turned-logo. At this week's OMMA Global in San Francisco, Disney Online's Brad Davis, senior vice president, online ad sales, brought a refreshing perspective to the panel on privacy: "Can Publishers Take Ownership of Privacy?"
  • What Nielsen's Data Deal With EXelate Really Means
    I've learned to sit in the middle of a crowded, noisy conference room and tune out everything around me as I tap on the computer keyboard trying to meet my deadline for MediaPost -- unless, of course, an overheard conversation catches my ear. I feel similarly about the ads I see online. I remain focused unless I see an ad for something I simply must have. It happens. It may happen more often now that eXelate inked a deal with consumer research firm Nielsen to integrate offline audience data segments into the eXelate's Targeting eXchange. I'm sure others will follow …
  • Who Owns The Privacy?
    The industry initiative to implement and enforce self-regulation is dovetailing with rising concern that privacy matters to everyone's bottom line.
  • When Behavioral Targeting Identifies A New Audience Segment
    Technology that analyzes consumer behavior and demographics helped Perry Ebel find an entirely new customer segment for Beltone hearing products that the vice president of sales and marketing didn't know existed. It's sort of like finding a $100 bill in the street gutter -- only this scenario relies on targeting and calculated data rather than luck.
  • An Industry Named 'Sue': Let's Just Ditch 'Behavioral'
    You folks reading this are advertisers and marketers, right? You know the importance of good branding, yes? Then can someone tell me how you of all people ended up branding a critical component of digital marketing's future with such a terrible name?
  • Targeting To Become Dominant Online Marketing Tool
    Targeting consumer behavior will drive all online advertising. Semantic technology also will support the targeting. It's not what I want, but I believe it will happen. But the industry still has work to do.
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