• New Role At Marketers: Data Translator
    A gap between data analysts crunching the numbers and decision-makers in the field means that companies will need to hire employees to fill a new position called data translator, according to an article published in MIT Sloan Management Review.
  • Lenovo Taps Talend To Keep Data In-House
    Keeping data in-house rather than sending it to the cloud has advantages, says Marc Gallman, senior manager, big data architecture at Lenovo. One advantage is creating an nontraditional attribution data model that continually proves a positive return on investment.
  • Aeropost Uses Data To Solve Cross-Border Ecommerce Challenges
    Aeropost, which specializes in Latin America and Caribbean ecommerce markets, recently announced its partnership with Quibit to solve some of the challenges related to product shipment, delivery and payment in cross-border ecommerce through data and improving customer experiences.
  • Study Finds Marketers On Technology Overload
    Marketers deploy an average of five media and marketing tools, purchase ad space and targeting options from multiple vendors, and buy a variety of ads -- all of which might be too much to get the job done, according to a recent study.
  • Rise In Mobile Shows Marketers Why They Must Rethink Ad Targeting
    Consumer holiday shopping trends revealed this week point to an increase in purchases through mobile channels, specifically smartphones. Mobile devices -- smartphones and tablets -- surpassed desktop in terms of visits to Web sites, contributing up to 55%.
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