• Autobytel Gains Direct Data Sales Channel Through eXelate
    Realizing data has become a valuable asset, Autobytel signed on with eXelate, in part, to collect and sell aggregated targeted data to companies that want to advertise on its auto Web site. The data gets plugged into a demand-side platform, which allows advertisers to gain more control of where the ads serve up across the Net.
  • From Black Box To Buddying Up: Or, Turning 'Stalkers' Into 'Companions'
    The other day my fiancée and I were discussing personalization technologies. I know; this doesn't sound like romantic couples conversation. But she is a computer scientist who works on technologies for disabled users, so the topic of predictive algorithms has a troubling tendency to creep into the dinner banter. I was describing some personalized news services that were starting to emerge here and there, and she seemed unimpressed. Then I demonstrated the Google TV system we have been testing here in the home labs. She said, "What I think would be really cool is if the interface could learn what …
  • What's A DMP -- And Do I Need One?
    The data management platforms (DMP) is probably the least appealing and most misunderstood tool for online advertising. For starters, think of DMPs as a cross between ad servers and customer relationship management platforms. With data playing a more vital role in fueling online advertising, marketers will need tools to help manage of data assets.
  • Measuring The Engagement Value Of Retargeting
    Many people see retargeting as that second chance at a consumer who has strayed. This most basic and direct method of behavioral targeting, following elsewhere someone who leaves a retail site without converting, has proven enormously effective and eminently measurable. But as any surfer knows, the impact of any ad campaign, even retargeting, is not measured in direct clicks.
  • Behavioral Targeting For Facebook
    Think of Facebook's Sponsored Stories, which debuted in January, as a new form of behavioral targeting. Not the type that drops a cookie in a Web browser and then an ad network matches the information in the cookie with an advertisement -- but rather, targeting based on social signals that identify behavior. So, if Sony buys a Sponsored Story ad and a user checks in or "like" (s) the brand, the status update will run in the user's news feed, and again as a paid display ad for the brand.
  • Browsing Privacy's Next Steps
    It is going to be a busy season on the privacy protection front, so buckle up. First, look for a flurry of mainstream news stories next week as a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the topic kicks off. In advance of the meeting, Senators John Kerry and John McCain are expected to float a legislative proposal for a consumer "privacy bill of rights," the Wall Street Journal is reporting.
  • DoubleVerify Brings Compliance With Privacy Codes
    Three-year-old DoubleVerify wants to bring more accountability and trust into online advertising, addressing problems like ads running near inappropriate content such as pornography sites and companies not getting what they paid for. Not easy issues to police, but necessary to run a respectable business.
  • Response-Based Advertising Showing Promise
    AdoTube recently announced the initial results of testing of its response targeting platforms, which rely on users' answering survey questions to determine ads served to them. Response-Based Targeting has lifted click-through and engagement rates from 22% to 35%, view-through rates by 17% and 24%, and brand effectiveness, such as awareness and purchase intent, by more than 30% -- pretty interesting, as long as AdoTube Chief Strategy and Operations Officer Steven Jones didn't overhype the results.
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