• Data Focus Of Cyber Espionage
    Security researchers identified malware that steals data from businesses, government offices and universities and targeted Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Israel, Lebanon and Syria, in what some call international "cyberwar and cyber espionage."
  • Being Seen: Chasing Viewability
    Let's hope that the new emphasis on viewable impressions also calls greater attention to the experience of viewing a web page. While we are making ads more visible, let's make them more creative and less cluttered.
  • Lotame Digs Into Cross-Platform Data Targeting Tools
    Wednesday Lotame will launch the Unifying Data Management Platform for publishers and brands. The Unifying DMP changes Lotame's flagship product, Crowd Control, into a series of tools to collect and organize multiple data sources to trigger events.
  • Mobilizing Beyond the Cookie: Mobile Platforms Lurch Toward RTB Efficiencies
    Mobile is far behind online technologies when it comes to tracking and providing the data sets necessary for an equivalent RTB economy. But mobile also changes some of the terms of ad targeting, promising a rich layer of location data and perhaps different ideas of what constitutes "premium" inventory.
  • Econsultancy Releases Study On Tag Management Automation
    Seventy three percent of marketers using an automated tag management system (TMS) said it speeds up their ability to run marketing campaigns, with 42% describing the process as "significantly faster."
  • Targeting Taste: Getting Ahead Of Box Office Blockbusters -- And Busts
    As the recent "Avengers" marketing juggernaut attests, all kinds of brands want to get next to a box office winner. Flixster is rolling out a new targeting product that aligns advertisers with the buzz their key demo is generating around certain films.
  • Microsoft Releases Predictive Behavior Research
    A group of researchers at Microsoft and the CS Department of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology explored methods for modeling query and click behavior in Web searchers, as well as temporal characteristics in query and URLs
  • Proximity Marketing Promises New Harvest of In-Store Data And Targeting
    We may not be waiting decades for "Minority Report"-style personal signage after all. Short-range networks are already being built that can tie your portable people meter, your cell phone, to digital signage.
  • BlueKai Pinwheels Data Connections
    BlueKai wants to connect every corporate data applications on the planet into one grid, and give digital management rights to each company so they can share content.
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