• IBM SystemML Machine Learning Technology Goes Open-Source
    IBM's machine learning open source technology -- SystemML -- has been accepted as a project by the Apache Software Foundation, and renamed Apache SystemML.
  • IDG Partners With Google To Guarantee 100% Ad Viewability
    IDG Communications recently partnered with Google to become one of the first publishers to offer 100% ad viewability, giving advertisers a powerful tool to support the value of their media spend.
  • Vizio TV Links Behavioral Data Supporting Ad Serving Across Smartphone, PC, Tablets
    Smart TVs track viewing habits, but Vizio television took a new turn recently when the company introduced "Smart Interactivity," which lets software running the TV keep records of the user's viewing habits and then share the data with partners that serve advertisements across media channels even when personally identifiable information is removed.
  • The Massive Disconnect Between CIOs, CMOs
    CMOs and their agency partners continue to talk about more closely aligning with CIOs and Information Technology (IT) departments, but few know how to take the steps to make the dream a reality. When the two departments are at odds the customer experience slips and so does data integrity.This disconnect is clear in the study "Marketing and IT: Overcoming a Cats-and-Dogs History to Create a Seamless Customer Experience," commissioned by Rackspace and produced by research firm Edelman Berland.
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