• Who Wins, Who Loses, Without A Market-Defining TV Upfront?
    This upfront will be fractured, and every network (and client) will have to fend for themselves.
  • COVID-19 Will Have Long-Lasting Effect On Salespeople
    Salespeople thrive on face-to-face interaction, but that's not going to be a priority for most people through the remainder of 2020.
  • Is Marketing Industry Prepared For What Lies Ahead?
    Among factors to dramatically impact our desire to consume: We'll be living in a constant state of anxiety for the foreseeable future.
  • Why Web Freedom Won't Be The Same After COVID-19
    "I do not want the government to be the ones to decide what should or shouldn't be posted online," said one participant in panel about platform legislation.
  • We Can't Go Back To Normal. Let's Do Something Better
    A beautiful thing about a crisis is that it can help us refocus on what is truly important. What is truly important while we're going through this?
  • TV Must Retool Now: Lessons Not Learned By U.S. Automakers In '70s
    The auto industry was hit hard by high gasoline prices and foreign competition in the '70s. And this is now TV's energy crisis moment.
  • A Generation X Ode To Homeschooling
    Gen X-ers have always taken responsibility for ourselves and our families. Now we're being tasked to take on more responsibility than we can handle.
  • Quant Vs. Qual During Crisis Time
    Responding to a crisis, we do need a more rational cognitive mechanism -- one less likely to be influenced by emotion.
  • Can TED Foster Civil Conversations Online?
    Internet conversations have been the Wild West, but now the folks who facilitate TED Talks have dipped their toes into the world of web conversations.
  • There's Still Opportunity In Media Landscape
    With everybody holed up at home, there are more eyeballs, so more opportunity to advertise, right? Maybe. Maybe not.
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