• Online Advertising Still Sucks: Fall 2020 Edition
    Sadly, nothing has really changed. Online fraud is still bad - globally bad. Billions of dollars in money down the drain.
  • Let's Give Our Work Teams Election Day Off
    It doesn't matter what folks' politics are. We want to maximize everyone's chance to participate in our democracy and make a difference.
  • Data And The Dodo Bird
    I wonder if third-party data will become as extinct as the dodo bird?
  • Amazon Prime: Buy Today, Pay Tomorrow?
    As I give in to the siren call of Bezos and Co., I wonder what forces I might be unleashing.
  • Apple Unleashes 5G
    The thing about Apple that you have to remember is that it never has to be first -- it's a "a fast follower."
  • Wanted, To Protect Democracy: Good Journalism
    We need more moments when an investigation -- or dogged determination -- transforms the public's knowledge of something profoundly important.
  • The CTV Ad Problem
    Do you wonder why auditors and verification services are reporting so much digital ad fraud in CTV these days?
  • What Will The Rest Of This Year Look Like? Go Vote And Let's Find Out
    I sincerely hope we can have two months of positive dialogue and healing while waiting for winter.
  • How To Look Past The Nearest Crisis
    When the world is going to hell in a hand basket, we don't realize that the past is a poor foundation on which to build our future.
  • Amazon's COVID-19 Windfall
    Are the steps Amazon has taken during the pandemic good customer service, or antitrust? Or both?
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