• It's Not About The Money: Employee Well-Being Is Its Own Reward
    It's dangerous to rely on positive financial outcomes as the only justification for investing in a positive workplace culture.
  • How Can TV Companies Win In Ecommerce-Centric World?
    Could television win as companies save money on real estate, but must spend more on customer acquisition and advertising?
  • 'Show Me The Money' In College Sports
    The flood gates of sponsorship for college athletes have already opened, raising several issues for teams and players.
  • The Potential Woes Of Working From Home
    Digital connection cannot possibly incorporate all the nuance of face-to-face connections needed to form trust and teamwork.
  • Will Fox Weather Forecast End Of Climate Change?
    Will Fox Weather, a 24-hour channel set for launch later this year, plan to turn weather from science to political fodder?
  • Athletes Make Us Rethink Sports Sponsorship
    I believe the best value in sports sponsorship is in direct commercial relationships with athletes themselves.
  • Who Wins When CTV Ad Spend Hits $100B In 2030?
    Amazon & Google, for two -- though picking them is easy. Here are my other choices.
  • Benefits Of Media Escapism Vs. Threat Of Doom-Scrolling
    At this time last year, I was "doom-scrolling" for well over an hour per day. Now it's time to stop.
  • Getting Bitch-Slapped By The Invisible Hand
    It's a little daunting to think that our future survival relies on our choices as consumers. But this is the world we have made.
  • Giving Up The Snark
    Every time I'm tempted to throw out a quick one-liner, I ask myself: Am I trying to make things better, or am I trying to make myself feel better?
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